Nicky Balestrieri

Co-Founder, The Gathery. New York.

By: Alicia Cesaro
Styling: Alicia Cesaro
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

When it’s your job to plan over-the-top productions and grandiose fairytale-come-to-life parties for some of the best brands in fashion, lifestyle and beyond, you naturally have an impeccable eye for basically *everything* in life. Nicky Balestrieri, co-founder of The Gathery, Paper magazine alum, creative director, event-designer extraordinaire and one of our IRL friends, couldn’t be a truer representation of that. His whole life reflects it too, including his impeccably decorated Brooklyn apartment, where each and every piece throughout holds a goosebump-inducing memory (everything from the gallery wall holding a career’s worth of accomplishments to photos of his best friends and mementos of successful events past), and his carefully edited closet (which is now heavy in neutrals—an appropriate day-to-day wardrobe for Balestrieri, whose professional life requires bucket-loads of glitter and color).

And, yes, per usual, we invited ourselves over. (Naturally, he and creative partner Luigi Tadini—coming soon to a Coveteur near you—had serving platters decorated with fresh pain au chocolat and coffee waiting for us—because they’re truly amazing hosts.) We won’t spoil it all for you here (get clicking through his photos below), but we will say that we could listen to him talk forever. Just some topics he schooled us on: shopping like an Italian, throwing unforgettable parties and the perks of working with friends—proving that the wisdom and experience you get from ten years of working behind the scenes in this industry is invaluable. And, yes, we left just wishing we had half the savoir faire Balestrieri does.