Inside Menswear Stylist Matthew Henson's Closet

Stylist. New York. In Partnership with BET.

By: Alicia Cesaro
Styling: Alicia Cesaro
Photography: Meredith Andrews

There are some people we meet on the job of invading stranger’s home that you just connect with from the start. Stylist Matthew Henson was one of those people. Maybe it was his love—nay, obsession with Vans sneakers or the semi-trashy shows he binge watches in his free time (his tip: don’t sleep on Starz, guys). Or the silk Loewe pajama set that makes him feel like the best version of himself—which is a sultan. Or, most of all, his covetable CV, which includes being A$AP Rocky’s go-to stylist, and previously, a six-year career stint as fashion editor at Complex magazine where working with Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian was just a casual part of his 9-5.

After we finished our usual rummage through his some-kind-of-amazing Brooklyn apartment (kitted out with a walk-in closet full of all sorts of goodness like Gucci denim, Céline sneakers, Supreme jackets and vintage Raf Simons) Henson imparted his words of wisdom from his six plus years in the industry (“It’s not going to be easy, you may not see too many people that look like you, but know that you have a place and you’re valid”), what’s it’s like styling A$AP Rocky (“one of the best collaborations I have had in my career to date”) and what he loves most about living in New York City (“being able to experience anything you want, anytime you want”). Full disclosure, it was one of our favorite interviews in a while and yeah, if you’re wondering, Henson did the whole thing in his fit-for-a-king matching silk pajama set.

And there's more where this came from! Head to BET to see the rest of this closet and hear more about Matthew's career and denim obsession.