Literally The Easiest Summer Makeup Look

No-makeup makeup at its finest.

Literally The Easiest Summer Makeup Look

Like you, we spend all summer in sheet masks and SPF, not foundation. We mist on rose water, we don’t layer on blush and bronzer. And we welcome the benefits of vitamin D on our skin courtesy of the extra hours of sunlight. But, like you, we still appreciate a little extra assistance by way of natural-looking makeup. That elusive no-makeup makeup look is easier said than done, we know.

Luckily, makeup artist Rae Morris—who’s touched the face of Naomi Campbell (so there’s that) and written six (!!) books on the matter—gifted us with the step-by-step (done on the infinitely stunning Alina Baikova, too) to get the perfect low key summer look. Perfect for the nude lip-adventurous, and contour-lazy.


Step One: Skin

“Always start with the skin—the base is so important. For this look, I started with a fresh and natural base to give a glowing look. I used my radiance makeup brush to buff the skin with Make Up For Ever Ultra HD liquid foundation. Then, I gently applied my favorite illuminator, Luma Cosmetics By Jessica Hart, on the cheeks using my fan highlighter brush.”


Step Two: Eyes

“When trying to achieve a clean and simple look like this one, I tend not to focus too much on eye makeup. I like to keep it simple and just work on the lashes. First, I apply L’Oreal Telescope Mascara; it has been my go-to for years! Then, brush out the lashes once you have applied the mascara to remove any clumping; a metal comb brush is perfect for this. Then, I finish it off with a few individual lashes. Alina’s eyebrows needed little-to-no work, I just gave them a brush through using a brow brush.”


Step Three: Lips

“The rule to finding the perfect nude color for your complexion is that it’s a combination of your lip color and skin color. For Alina, I opted for a very light layer of the Kevin Aucoin ‘Evermore—Pale Nude’ shade using my no.19 lip brush. Always test the lipstick on the back of your fingertip, not on your hand. Your fingertip has the same coloring as your lips, so you’ll really be able to see how your lip color will take to the different lip shades.”

Shot on location at Pierre Michel Salon, New York. 

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