Luisa Opalesky

Photographer and Choreographer, Ryan McGinley. New York

By: Laurel Pantin
Styling: Emily Ramshaw, Laurel Pantin

For those acquainted with photographer Luisa Opalesky’s Instagram, you’ll understand why we were so eager to get into her closet. For those not familiar with her posts, which are regularly featured on’s roundups of the best fashion ‘grams of the week, Opalesky has a totally unique, and totally mind-blowing sense of style. And as we climbed the flights up to her Chinatown walk-up, we noticed each red door was totally anonymous—until we spotted one adorned with an Eddie Murphy promo pic, and we knew we’d come to the right place.

In the fashion and art world, there are few people who truly defy definition. Luisa (who got her big break by clubbing—literally) is one of them. But still, we’ll try: she’s a collector of pop-culture ephemera (think: Pam Anderson’s Playboy covers; Playboy jeans and fur-trimmed denim jackets; pink Dior monogrammed everything; Britney Spears anything; Jeremy Scott plastic high heels; Martinelli’s apple juice bottles; Prince t-shirts; novelty spoons…you get the idea); she’s a photographer; she’s an editor and choreographer for mega-star photographer Ryan McGinley—we could go on and on.

Between lounging on the roof in her Dior bikini, puffer, bucket hat, and tote (atop a pink Dior towel, naturally), and showing us her DIY Prince-tribute denim, we heard about her take on the joys of eBay, the important distinction between sexual and sexy, and how crucial it is to get an education.