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Mike D. and Clare Vivier’s Guide to Paris

How to do the City of Lights like a rap superstar and his designer BFF.

Mike D. and Clare Vivier’s Guide to Paris
Weston Wells

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel with a Beastie Boy? Same. And now we know! Remember when we said we’d have more on Mike D. and accessory designer Clare V.’s trip to Paris? We’re making good on that promise with the below. The two friends toured the City of Light together seeing art, partying at Colette, and eating café eclairs. The dream! And because what happens in Paris stays (sort of) in Paris, here’s Mike’s favorite moment from the trip, which, sadly, there is no photographic record of:

“The party that Sarah from Colette put together was incredible. It was outside in a park, and I DJed, my friend Pedro from Ed Banger DJed—Busy P is his professional name—and Phillipe from Cassius. And we all ended up just DJ’ing together, unplanned, collaborating together. Usually, we would each play 45 minutes individually, but we all ended up just going in together, playing off each other—it was magical. It was completely packed, and beautiful out, and then it started to rain, but it was actually a good thing because it was so hot and humid out. Everyone was so happy when it started raining, and they had had enough alcohol in them that it wasn’t bothersome. Between the music and the alcohol, they were very rain tolerant. We just held a tarp up above the DJ stand. It was awesome.” Again: can we please be friends with you, Mike?

Here, Clare walks us through their Parisian adventure, hitting all their favorite spots with all their favorite pals.

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