16 Couture-Ish Accessories

16 Couture-Ish Accessories

Wear these and look fancy AF.

We wrote a song. Are you ready? Here goes: “It’s the most *wonderful* tiiiime of the year! With the street snappers snapping, and peacocks peacocking, Couture shows are heeeere! It’s the hap-happiest time of the yeeeaaarrrr!”

This is what’s going through our heads non-stop this week: For us, Couture week is the Olympics of fashion—except that it happens twice a year and is arguably even better than the real Olympics. Especially this year with Vetements showing SS17, and everyone in a decidedly *maximalist* mood, we’re sure we can expect pageantry par excellence this week. No hyperbole when we say we literally live for this shit. This shit being Couture week.

And while we’ll be dutifully clicking through the Couture shows from the comfort of our office—not, sadly, sitting front row—we’re getting in the Couture mood with a few accessories that look as though they were hand-crafted for you, without actually having been. Don these accessories this week and pretend you’re Lena Perminova, casually sitting front row at the biggest fashion spectacle ever.



You know what screams couture? Impracticality. Shelve your schlep-your-shit tote in favor of an itty-bitty-teeny-tiny baby Barbie-sized clutch, preferably adorned with sequins, feathers, bells, pom poms...or ideally all of the above. Just remember: the more useless it is, the more expensive it looks.



That thing about bags and impracticality? The same applies to shoes. Sure you can wear flats, but they’d better be glitter-embellished, or covered in flower appliques! Any of these shoes will scream “Where the heck is Tommy Ton, I mean, my driver…’”



Rule #1 of dressing like you’re couture adept: do not forget the details! In this case, the details are a pair of sunglasses so fragile, special, and bonkers you’ll easily toe that line between fabulous, and absolutely insane—A.K.A, the fashion sweet spot.



As far as couture looking jewelry goes, a little kitsch will take you a long way. Look for something extra statement-making here, whether it’s a pair of floral hoop earrings, or a gold and bandana-print choker.

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