What’s in Our Beach Bags

What’s in Our Beach Bags

Nary a laptop in sight.

If we’re being honest, no matter how old we get the week before the 4th of July always has a “last week of school” feeling. While our physical bodies are here at work, our heads are definitely on vacation. But in T-minus approximately four hours our physical bodies will be on vacation too. TGI effing F.

This also happens to be the best kind of holiday for us because—since we have teams in both New York and Toronto, and thanks to it being Canada Day today—we all get time off! At the end of what feels like a very exciting few weeks (hello, Lily Collins, Danielle Brooks, and Lady Bunny), we’re packing up shop, and heading to the beach. Here’s what we’re all bringing.


Alicia Cesaro


1. Mar y Sol Tote: Growing up at the beach in Rhode Island has turned me into somewhat of a beach bag packing expert—I take it very seriously. The key is having one big beach bag and then multiple pouches (preferably with a plastic lining) inside to corral different items—sunscreen, water, snacks, books, magazines.
2. Shiseido Sunscreen: I’m adamant about face sunscreen and apply La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 every morning. While on vacation in the Bahamas this week though, I’ll use Shiseido on my face and body, the WetForce technology (sunscreen innovation, right!?) actually becomes more effective when it comes in contact with water, which is perfect since I’ll be spending the majority of my trip in the ocean.
3. Le Specs Sunglasses: A self-explanatory necessary component to any beach bag.
4. Sugar Lip Treatment: My beach look is sunscreen, sunglasses and chapstick, that’s it. Fresh’s is my OG year-round for a subtle berry tint with SPF, because there’s nothing worse than sunburnt lips.
5. Kindle: Nerd alert, but I can list a million reasons while I love my Kindle. The top ones being that you can read in the sun without glare, and bring as many books as you want without having to worry about space. My only to-do this vacation is to tackle each and every book on the Coveteur Summer Reading List.


Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor

1. Ashish bag: Unless it’s classic woven straw, I don’t love the whole spangled, brightly-colored beach bag thing. This denim tote by Ashish, on the other hand, can be stuffed and carried without feeling like I’m on a Freedom Fifty-Five trip.
2. Sarong or wrap: The word sarong hurts my soul a little for some reason, but I always carry one that I got in Bali in my beach bag. It does double duty as a skirt tied around my waist over a bikini and as a towel alternative to sit on.
3. Mara Hoffman bikini: I’ve gotten just as into one-pieces this season as the next person, but on the beach it’s always a bikini—usually the smaller, the better. 
4. Coola Spray SPF 30: Teeny bikini = all the sunscreen. Spray, spread, repeat.
5. Bose Soundlink speakers: Small enough for my bag. Loud enough for the beach. 


Meagan Wilson

Editorial Manager

1. Eliza Gran tote: Nothing like a straw tote with pom poms to make going to beach truly feel like an event, y'know? Plus, it's juuuust big and sturdy enough to stash a bottle of rose, which, after all, is the real point of going to the beach any way, right? 
2. Flagpole Swimsuit: How cute is this? From the cut-outs to the color blocking, I'm pretty much obsessed, plus it's anti-pill (!) and quick-drying (!!).
3. Westward Leaning sunglasses: I've been cyber-stalking these for weeks: they're just so. damn. Cool.
4. Maryam Nassir Zadeh sandals: Grown up jelly sandals? Yes, please.
5. Coastal Grooves by Blood Orange: By no means a sunny beach soundtrack, but if you're listening to anything else this week you're a sucker.


Noah Lehava 

Senior Editor

1. Miguelina Romper: This follows my one item dressing rule + it’s totally beach-y.
2. Fendi Half Cat-Eye Sunglasses: SO into these.
3. Bridgette Swimsuit: I don’t know about you, I don’t own one bikini that is water-sport appropriate. This chic AF black one-piece is both wardrobe-malfunction-resistant and lounge-chair appropriate.
4. Mira Mikati Straw Hat: The cute cacti and rainbow embroidery on this straw hat might actually turn me into a hat person once and for all. 
5. First Aid Beauty Hydrating Face Mist: I throw this little bottle in the cooler so it’s extra refreshing during a day lounging in the sun.


Laurel Pantin

Editorial Director

1. Zimmermann Dress: In possibly the least patriotic move ever, my 4th plans involve leaving the USA and going to Mykonos (yesss) with Net-A-Porter (double yesss), and one of my favorite brands ever, Zimmermann (triple yessss). I’ll be snapping from @TheCoveteur on Sunday from Greece, and very likely wearing this Zimmermann dress, feeling like a princess.
2. Ancient Greek Sandals: Naturally, when in Greece, one wears Ancient Greek Sandals. I have two pairs of these Thais slides, and can confirm: they are the perfect beach to drinks shoes.
3. Diana Vreeland Smashingly Brilliant Eau de Parfum: When faced with a boat full of super-chic bloggers, designers, and editors, how do I want to feel? Smashingly Brilliant. Truth be told, when I’m not wearing a gauzy dress beach-side, I’m in my foolproof formula of bikini + fragrance.
4. Eliza Gran Beach Bag: Like Meagan, my beach bag of choice comes adorned with pom poms. I'll likely carry this one in the city through the fall.
5. Supergoop Sunscreen Oil: Sunscreen: just wear it! I love this one from Supergoop, which gives me the sexy, retro ‘70s Hawaiian Tropic sheen, but protects my skin from UV rays.


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