Bruna Tenório

Model. New York

By: Alicia Cesaro
Styling: Alicia Cesaro

Not every Coveteur closet raid ends in a visit to the barbershop down the street and a round of frosty beers. Then again, though, not every closet is Bruna Tenório's.

It wasn't just the ending that set the model's shoot apart, though. We usually see two types of wardrobes when we’re raiding the closets of the editors, designers, models, and everyone in between who makes up the circle of Coveteur alums. There's the over-the-top peacockers (heavy in Mary Katrantzou and Louboutins from every color on the spectrum) and the obsessively-edited normcore types (Céline blouses and loafers by the dozen). Sorting through Tenório’s closet was a different experience altogether.

On the one hand, there were classic Gucci and Prada shoes in sensible shades like black and navy, alongside Thakoon blazers, vintage dresses and tailored Chloé trousers. Fine. But then, we were surprised to find sparkles and hidden jolts of color woven throughout, too. For instance? An array of sequined tops and jackets, bubblegum pink shorts, and heart-shaped glasses (and if you ask us, there are no better supplements to a wardrobe built off the classics). After raiding Tenório's things, we sipped espressos, munched on some kind of amazing Brazilian chocolates (a personal favorite of Tenório), before taking to the streets of the Upper East Side to enjoy some sunshine. What did we find? Let’s just say a Brazilian supermodel with a face like Tenório’s is not unwelcome at the aforementioned local barbershop. After continuing along on our rogue photoshoot through the neighborhood we headed back home to celebrate with some ice cold beers—it was a Friday, after all.