Venessa Arizaga

Designer. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

Very often, in this line of work, we meet people who are really winning the whole life thing. Somehow, amidst all of the messiness of, you know, living, they’ve found the path that brought them to happiness (or at the very least, what we imagine happiness to look like).

Venessa Arizaga, the jeweler who makes quirky, tongue-in-cheek charm bracelets sold everywhere from Lane Crawford and Liberty to Fred Segal and Opening Ceremony, is one of those people who has it figured it out (it being life). For one thing, she lives in an adorable house in Brooklyn, complete with a bonfire-pitted backyard and wooden accents made by hand by her husband, with whom also runs her business—something she calls a “mom-and-pop shop” (we’ll redirect you to the aforementioned stockists as illustration of how glamorous her “mom-and-pop shop” is). Plus, the couple have built their dream home on a surf beach in Puerto Rico. See what we mean when we say she got it right? Then there’s the whole stunning natural beauty thing (we obviously quizzed her on how exactly she made her skin look like *that*) and the fact that her closet is full of Carolina Herrera from her tenure on the design team, dresses by Duro Olowu, and the kind of vintage t-shirt collection that takes years to come together. Guys, she knows what she’s doing.