How to Get Gala Ready Like Lindsay Ellingson

How to Get Gala Ready Like Lindsay Ellingson

Just try to do this at home.

Leslie Kirchhoff

There’s the kind of getting ready process where you’re slap-dashing some semblance of a cat-eye and pulling out whatever dress happens to be in front of your wardrobe, which is typical for us and usually occurs after sprinting home from work, and right before we take a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to our face. And then there’s the primp-and-prep process of a supermodel, who—from years as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and working with the likes of CHANEL and Dior—is slightly more practiced in the art of getting ready for a major event.

It was the latter that was so perfectly demonstrated by Lindsay Ellingson (who, we should note, happens to know a thing or two about getting ready for a date as well). We joined her last night as she was prepping for the Amfar Inspiration Gala at home in her new Williamsburg penthouse.

From what we could gather, there are a few things that would take our somewhat careless big night prep to supermodel heights. For one thing, rather than cramping yourself in a tiny bathroom, you should primp in your dining room with not only a view, but the view of the Manhattan skyline. You should also have your friends slash hair and makeup artists Frankie Foye and Meredith Baraf on deck for glam (using your own makeup line, Wander Beauty) and gossip. It helps if your very studly husband can hang out and moonlight as a cocktail waiter, pouring your guests (that would be yours truly) chilled rosé. And then of course you must have a lace embroidered, very sheer outfit made for you by your friend, designer Sophie Theallet. We said supermodel heights, right? Click through the pictures for more from Ellingson on what it takes to get ready when you’re, well, her.


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