Georgina Chapman & Keren Craig

Designers, Marchesa. New York.

By: Alicia Cesaro
Styling: Alicia Cesaro
Photography: Leslie Kirchhoff

Paying a visit to Marchesa’s dreamy bridal studio goes exactly as one might expect—the bright space overlooks the Hudson and overflows with everything bridal fantasies are made of; dresses in various shades of white and blush, floor length embellished veils, and walls of shoes and glittering jewelry (the kind of statement jewelry that actually makes a statement). All of it waiting to fulfill every bride-to-be’s wishes and all thanks to designers Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman.

We’ve were mesmerized by the duo’s latest garden-inspired collection since the brand’s preview preview. Think: 3D floral-appliqués, lightweight tulle (key for dancing), off-the-shoulder lace tops, and sequined bodices—but seeing it up close and personal is another story. It was like the whole room was filled with glitter. And we’re not the only ones who feel this way, even the most untraditional brides, the ones who declare they will never, ever, ever wear a gown reminiscent of a Disney movie, somehow do after paying a visit to Marchesa.

Among all the fairytale-inspired moodboards, we sat down with Chapman and Craig to chat all things bridal: everything from the design process to their own weddings. They capped off the experience by relaying some of the best wedding dress advice we’ve ever heard—and rightfully so—if we’re heeding it from anyone, it’s them.

Makeup, Ashlee Glazer; Hair, Tracey Sommers