Getting Met Gala Ready with Louise Parker

There was a lot of Chanel.

Getting Met Gala Ready with Louise Parker

We can't think of few better ways to get Met Gala ready (your first ever, no less) than in an immaculately decorated (and insanely cool) East Village apartment, with a tiered Chanel minidress and sky-high Giuseppe Zanotti sandals waiting for you in the wings. Which, as we discovered last night, is precisely how model Louise Parker likes to do things. Greeting us at her door, clad in a silk kimono, she ushered us in before she sat down for hair and makeup (a cool, choppy crop and neutral, lightly bronzed eyes and skin). And then, just like that, Parker was in her dress, clutch in hand (one of the house's memetic Lego ones), and headed out the door, Cinderella-style.

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