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Claudia Soare’s Getting Ready Routine

This is what it’s like when false lashes and contouring are part of your daily sitch.

Claudia Soare’s Getting Ready Routine

Claudia Soare knows makeup. And she uses it—a lot of it. Also skincare. And she goes to the hair salon once a week. We mean, how could she not? She is the president of Anastasia Beverly Hills, after all (mom is the eponymous Anastasia in question) and in charge of all of their color makeup. And then there’s her one million follower-strong Instagram feed (the incongruously named @norvina)—hers is the kind of account where you black out and realize you’re suddenly 100 posts deep half an hour later. We’ll put it this way: girl knows her way around a stellar selfie; and she’s not afraid to share her knowledge. So gather ‘round the digital story-telling circle, friends—this is the kind of false lashes everyday, liquid lipstick beauty routine we aspire to.


Her daily makeup routine

“I apply foundation and then a few layers of concealer over discoloration and hereditary under eye darkness with a beauty blender. I’ll contour, then line my eyes using a straight calligraphy brush, which I like to extend into a wing. I warm my false lashes between my hands to make them bendable. I'll also apply a thin coat of glue. I'll put them on but not let it set, take it off so that they’re warm and they have the adhesive. I’ll apply a little bit more glue if I need it and just place it back on my eyes. Sometimes it’s a two-step process to make sure it’s perfect and then push it in with tweezers and wait for it to dry and set. It takes a couple of minutes to do it right.

I already have fairly large cheekbones to begin with, so I don’t go in all that hard with my contour. But I do have a big head, so I will make my forehead a little smaller, I’ll make my chin a little shorter and I will lightly chisel my cheekbones, but not a lot. I don’t drag it all the way down to my mouth like some people do. I will just blend that in and I’ll do my nose—I want to thin out the tip of the nose. I’ll cream contour my nose.

And then I do glow—you have to have glow. Otherwise you look really matte, especially if you’re super contoured and highlighted. You look too much—too flat. I use our Glow Kit or I’ll use the illuminator.

For lips, I’m not really a nudes person—I usually like a dark lip. But at the moment, I’m actually really liking nudes. And then I love magenta and pink. I’m either wearing a nude or a magenta-based color.”


How she changes it up for nighttime (and the difference between a ‘day eye’ and a ‘night eye’) 

“I never do anything super heavy on my eyes—they have drama, but they’re not really, really heavy. [For night] I would obviously always intensify my eyes. I wear a fairly natural lash throughout the day, so for night I would apply a dramatic lash set—which makes all the difference in the world, by the way. It really brings up the drama. I go heavier on the contour, definitely on the blush—I wear very light blush usually. And I intensify and line my eyes all around using glitters or a really pop-y lid color. My lip color is always intense or neutral, so that wouldn’t change too much. I know some people like to wear ‘going out makeup’ every day, but for me I do have a ‘day eye’ and a ‘night eye’.”


Her all-La-Mer-everything skincare routine

“I am really strict about skincare. I wash my face daily. I use Japanese rice brand powder and then I use the La Mer serum. I use a lot of brightening and lightening serums because I have freckles and I try to keep them under control. I don’t like it when they get too dark because when I apply foundation on top, they look grayish and my skin will look ashy. I have a serum by Dior that I like. I use La Mer cream and eye cream—La Mer works for me. I use Maybelline Waterproof Makeup Remover because it removes glue and a lot of lid makeup—you need to have a very good oil-based makeup remover. I never go to bed with makeup on, ever. I’m crazy about keeping my skin good.”


The treatments she loves (and the ones she can do without)

“I haven’t had a facial in like seven years. I don’t like masks because I’m crazy about my hair and every time I try to do a mask it gets in my hair and annoys the hell out of me. Every two or three months I’ll give myself a glycolic acid peel if I feel like I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup and I need to really exfoliate my skin above the regular scrub.”


*That* hair

“My hair is basically my whole existence. I spend nearly every weekend of my life in the salon. When you process your hair as much as I do and you’re trying to keep it long, it’s not ‘wash and go’. So I’m either going in touching up my roots or touching up my color. Before I would go a lot more often because silver and blue and purple are all semi-permanent colors that wash out, but blonde is a little different—it still needs toner so it doesn’t get brassy. Every two weeks, I have to go and get a toner and I get a lot of masks—I’m under the dryer for 30 minutes.

I have a girl come to the office (this is so embarrassing) twice a week and she blow-dries my hair. I come in with my hair already kind of damp or air-dried—I wash it at home and then she dries it here. I hate drying my own hair. I have a lot of it and it’s annoying. And then I use Kerastase—I really love it. There’s this serum for the scalp that’s really good, especially if you process your hair as much as I do. And my hairstylist adds extensions for more volume.”



The desert island beauty products

“If I ever go on a desert island, God help everyone because I’m going to be a wreck. I would definitely need liquid lipstick. And gel liner. If I can at least give myself gel liner and liquid lipstick, I’m okay. I don’t even need the lashes—but I need those two things. I NEED.”


Her travel number one

“My Zuca—it’s my travel roll-on, a professional travel makeup kit. It’s got like five different compartments and it’s full. I don’t trust to check it because what if they lose it? I would lose all my makeup, everything I own! Sometimes I have makeup that’s not even launched in there, so it always comes with me.”


Her beauty philosophy 

“For me, beauty is about enhancing the things that I have and masking the things that bug me. Skin is a big thing because I do have discoloration, so I have to pay more attention than the average girl to make sure I even out my skin tone before I could even begin my beauty routine… That’s a bit of extra work. I like my hair and makeup colors to bring brightness to my face, so everything I use is really harmonious. Even if you’re doing a dark look, it’s always about creating brightness around my face. I use a combination of my hair, the clothes I’m wearing, my makeup… everything has to be in harmony.”


Her favorite Instagram accounts to follow

“My favorites and what I really troll for at night are the funny accounts. I like the laugh. There’s @earthfocus, which I love—it’s really cool photos of awesome places, that’s really nice. I follow a lot of funny people. I like one called @sonny5ideup. And I like @animalvideos. I like @BretmanRock—he’s so funny. You know who I really like? @sainthoax. He does the most tongue-in-cheek, hysterical things. For me, it’s all about the meme pages.”


Her favorite followers: 

“I know Emma Roberts follows me. I’m totally obsessed with her and all the characters she plays. I even made a lipstick that’s going to launch next month called ‘Madison’ after her character on American Horror Story. And my fans are pretty awesome! They’re very die-hard, which is really great. And they’re very supportive of me—whether I’m having an ugly day or a good day they respond the same, which is really cool. And it’s very much beauty people, which I like because I feel like I know how to talk to everyone—nothing ever feels weird.”


What it takes for the perfect selfie 

“It’s all about the lighting. I prefer daylight to be honest because then I can absolutely control how the photo looks. Obviously a good camera is SO important. I like the Sony A5100—I use that with flash. I take them on the camera and then I’ll download them to my phone. I’ll use VSCO Cam or Enlight. I’ll either gray-wash the whole photo or I’ll bring up the light if I’m looking a little gray or yellow. On VSCO, I like .5 and .4—I use .5 the most. And on Instagram I use Ludwig, Juno, and Aden a lot. For me it’s all about cool tones, whereas a lot of people like warm tones. I hate it when I look warmer—it makes me look orange. So I always use blue filters.”


The last thing she Googled

“This is so embarrassing. [I Googled] ‘Mercury in retrograde’. I’m planning a trip and I do not want to go while Mercury is retrograde. I went to my favorite astrology website by Susan Miller. I love Susan Miller.”


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