Joe Zee & Rob Younkers

Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Style; Co-Anchor, FabLife. Professor; Host, Logo TV’s Secret Guide to Fabulous. Founders, Stitched Fashion Camp. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

We’ll put it this way: if we have to work on a Saturday, it had better be for a good reason. Like, for example, if Joe Zee flies back from Los Angeles, where he’s taping episodes of FabLife (which he co-anchors with Chrissy Teigen and a host of others), just to be photographed by us at home with his fiancé, Rob Younkers. (Okay, so maybe he was also flying back to help find a wedding venue and see the Alexander Wang show, but we still felt important.) Pretty good reason to work on a Saturday? Check.

Which is exactly how we found ourselves eating fresh chocolate-chip bread slathered with butter (so effing good, you don’t even know) with Zee and Younkers as they regaled us with a recount of their epic meal at Blue Hill at Stone Barns (that potential wedding venue) the night before. This was closely followed by a thorough tour of their multiple closets.

More on that particular detail: Zee and Younkers are so compatible that, on top of founding Stitched, a fashion camp for kids together, they also share their clothes (everything except the shoes); thus, they have a little of everything. There was a closet full of Givenchy, Burberry and Tom Ford suits and shirts; another stacked with shoes and sneakers by Lanvin, Greats and Nike; and two more with leather jackets and coats by Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Rag & Bone. In sum: you can tell that they both work in fashion. And when it was time for them to get in front of the camera, well, you could tell that they’d done something like that once or twice before (as had their chihuahuas, Cornelius and Porkchop). As you can probably guess, by the end of our afternoon with them (we wrapped just in time for the Wang show), it didn’t feel like work at all.