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How To Do Your Eyeliner in 60 Seconds

Winged tip and all.

How To Do Your Eyeliner in 60 Seconds

Vampy, streamlined (non-wavy) eyeliner with the perfect flick finale straight up confounds us. Watching the pros or, you know, those of us who have come to master the art of painting a straight line across the lid in one fell swoop is about as inspiring as those unicorns who can apply lipstick in the backseat of an Uber sans mirror. Even when applied with our elbows propped on our bathroom sinks and using our full concentration, a fluid lining looks more like we’ve had too much morning caffeine than the bedroom eyes we were after. And, like, if we somehow manage to leave the house with both eyes symmetrical, well, it’s practically the best day ever. Are we right or what?   

Basically, doing your own eyeliner free-hand is as hard as it looks and waaay harder than it sounds. But, like most obstacles in life, you can thank the people of the interweb for coming up with the most ingenious, mind-blowing solutions (#hacks) to our problems—thanks, Pinterest. All it takes is some crafty uses for household objects—you’ll see what we mean :point_down:.
And, yeah, we tried, we conquered. So, friends, you can too.



All Scotched Up

Rifle through your desk drawer and dust off that roll of Scotch tape because this is a hard one to fuck up. Cut two small pieces of tape. Place the first strip on a slight angle up from your lower lid to the edge of your brow. Trace your liner (liquid, pot or pencil) along your lash line and slightly taper along the scotch tape. If you need guidance up top, place your second piece across your lid to create a triangle stencil—adjust the angle for desired thickness—along the corner of your eyes. Fill in. Pull away the tape. Ta dahhhhh.



Card Swipe

Pick a card, any card, and place it on a slight angle (following the same guidelines mentioned above). It’s like a ruler for your makeup and will leave you with a stick-straight, super-clean line. No crazy smudging. :heavy_check_mark:



A Spoonful Of…

Add soup’s favorite utensil to your makeup kit because if Pinterest has anything to say about it, it does it all. As in, it helps you contour, apply blush and highlighter and, the reason we’re all here: do your eyeliner. It goes a little something like this: hold the arm of the spoon from your lower lid to the edge of your brow and trace a straight line. Then, place the bowl of the spoon slightly above the line you’ve just drawn to create a winged effect. An added tip: draw downwards towards the eye. It’s easier to draw a smooth line.



Magic Eraser

Sometimes, saying "fuck it" to all of the above is just all about the feels. Draw whatever the hell you want. Freestyle and then erase as needed with a pointed Q-tip covered in eye-makeup remover to reveal a perfect cat eye. Shhh—it’s our little secret.

P.S. Our editors tried alllll the Pinterest hacks you could think of right here, too.


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