This Fashion Archive is Every Stylist’s Secret Weapon

This Fashion Archive is Every Stylist’s Secret Weapon

Patricia Black gives us a one-on-one tour of the craziest “closet” we’ve ever seen.

Renée Rodenkirchen

When it comes to stocked closets, we’ve seen some shit. There was that one that was just walls and walls of shoes. Or that one with enough Birkins to outfit a basketball team and then some. Or that one that was all new season Saint Laurent, Rodarte and Louis Vuitton. Or that one that was, um, Oprah’s. Have we proved our point yet? Okay, point made. But then we went to the Albright Fashion Library.

Now, we’d already heard a little bit about this place. Across Cooper Square from The Standard East Village (our official home away from home), the Albright is a bit of a fashion urban legend, or at least that’s what we thought. Turns out, it’s no legend. It’s a very large room filled with racks and racks (and racks and racks) of very organized designer clothing. And shoes and bags and hats and jewelry… And then there’s another one in Los Angeles (all ready now for the Oscars).

Patricia Black, the Albright’s creative director who runs things day-to-day on behalf of founder Irene Albright, greeted us, and took us through the myriad dresses, jackets, furs and suits herself, full of off-hand remarks about which coat was worn by Rihanna, and which Balmain was worn by a VS Angel. See, this is the other thing about the Albright: while it’s constantly visited by stylists and costume designers, it’s also the one-stop shop for the ultimate red carpet moment. Because where else are you going to find Tom Ford-era Yves Saint Laurent? (Yes, seriously—and it’s so, so good.)


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