Editors' Picks: Date Night

Editors' Picks: Date Night

When the new dress you're wearing excites you more than the person sitting across from you.

Now that we're past the biggest "date night" of the year, let's all take a moment to relax about the whole thing. This is supposed to be fun! Remember? And besides the fact that you're going out for a meal/movie/park chill/Netflix and chill with someone you supposedly like or even love, there are a lot of other reasons to sit back and enjoy. Namely, the chance to do a little something special with what you're wearing and makeup-ing. As with some of us, if you've been with your S/O for an extended period of time, it may have devolved into something of a date night uniform. What can we say? At this point, we know what works.



Meagan Wilson

Senior Editor & Social Media Manager

For me, there's no better date night combination than a long, lean skirt (this one's Acne and it's actually linen and wool, not denim); towering sandals (bonus points if they have pom poms, obviously) and Bambi-ish, Bardot-y lashes. Going out is pretty much the only time I actually make an effort to curl them, and it makes every bit of difference.



Noah Lehava

Senior Editor

I love me a shimmery pleated skirt. I mean, it's insanely comfortable, super chic and conveniently expands after consuming practically everything off the menu at the new restaurant I'm likely trying out. Plus, all the wine. And since my lips will likely be stained a nice shade of Merlot by the glasses had, I'll be sticking to a sheer plumping lip balm. I also love this simple black Stella tank, which shows just the right amount of cleavage—always staying classy, ladies :v:.



Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor

There's probably nothing my boyfriend and I like to do more together than go out for a late dinner at a local restaurant and spend a little too much money on copious good food and even more wine. In fact, this shared interest might even be the basis of our five-year relationship. It's typically not the dressiest of affairs, but three things are a given: the pants should be breezy (all the better to eat in); the earrings good (because when you're only looking at a person from the waist up, there needs to be something attractive going on); and my skin as close to flawless as possible (dim restaurant lighting is shockingly exposing and my under-eye circles can get intense; the concealer is my go-to when it comes to getting those babies under control).



Alicia Cesaro


Valid question: if you can’t wear sequined white culottes (the name of this pair is actually “nerd pants”) on a date with your significant other, when can you?? As weird as it may sound, I kind of take on a Man Repeller-y approach to dressing when going out with my boyfriend, um, fiancé (still not okay with using this term freely). Probably because he doesn't judge (and is the nicest person ever) so it’s okay to try out things I wouldn’t normally wear on the day-to-day. Which is fun, I guess? I’d add a baggy t-shirt, this pearl and leather Fallon choker and a swipe of Alejandro (sexy, no?) from Tom Ford’s aptly titled “Lips and Boys” collection.


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