How a Fashion Blogger Does Balance

The Fashion Guitar's Charlotte Groeneveld talks lobster nachos, sleeping in & screening calls. In collaboration with BCBGMAXAZRIA.

How a Fashion Blogger Does Balance

By now you know 'treat yourself' is our preferred frame of mind when we find February 14th steadily creeping up our iCal. And while we're the first to acknowledge that that concept looks very different for everyone, we're fairly certain there are a few universal items consistent across just about every average human's wishlist.

For one? Waking up to the most delicious, perfect cup of coffee (save for anyone who is on some permanent iteration of the Clean Program and has since lost their tastebuds). Other contenders? Sleeping in, mindlessly binging on endless episodes of Friends, melted cheese and lobster. Yeah, we're pretty sure that covers it. When it comes down to it, we're pretty simple creatures.

As it turns out, even the impossibly blonde, willow and Dutch among us aren't immune, as we learned from our recent afternoon with Charlotte Groeneveld, founder of The Fashion Guitar (for the record: there is no actual guitar). Fresh off a week in Paris for the couture shows, the mother of two (her insanely adorable toddlers, Stella and James were in tow) greeted us at her Toronto home (complete with color-coded bookshelves loaded with fashion tomes) to break down everything she considers to be the epitome of relaxation when she's not globetrotting or chasing her kids. Here, we discuss just that—from lobster nachos, ignoring her phone, St. Barths, going to bed early and making those Friends episodes a priority.

On what Friends has to do with preparing her for the day ahead:

"A homemade coffee and an episode of Friends, just before opening my laptop, I do it almost every morning— when I’m home and not traveling for work."


Her go-to spots for celebrating:

"In New York, the Waverly Inn or Soho House; in Toronto, I love Soho House and The Drake Hotel."


On her ideal shopping spree:

"Drop me at one of my favorite designer’s stores and I would be totally fine!"


On her favorite indulgences while travelling & favorite getaway:

"Sleeping in, long lunches with a glass of wine, taking a night swim, and going to bed early without looking at my phone. St Barths is my favorite of all!"


On loving at-home treatments over fancy spas:

"I never go to a spa—there’s never time—so I treat myself with home-spa products, like Rituals, 111SKIN, and CHANEL. I do take massages whenever I’m on a work trip and the hotel offers it."


On her biggest guilty pleasure:

"I love to eat in bed. Thai and Mexican are absolute favorites. Washed down with a glass of champagne, my favorite drink. Sometimes I smoke with that glass of champagne, too..."


On her dream, super-indulgent Valentine's Day (she's a girl after our own heart):

"Sleeping in, breakfast in bed, a long kissing session with my husband, getting lunch somewhere, a stroll in the sun, finally buying a bag that I've wanted since it came out, a quick change at home, champagne at the bar, lobster nachos and an early night."


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