A Sex Columnist's Guide to Life

The Slutever (a.k.a Karley Sciortino) breaks it all down.

Renée Rodenkirchen

Things that aren’t easy: love, sex, Tinder (read up on the whole Bow Wow Catfish debacle and get back to us), figuring out how to respond to unwelcomed late night grown-up Snapchats, AP Calculus. That about covers it, right? Enter Karley Sciortino of Slutever and’s Breathless column, a.k.a. doyenne of all things love and sex (though we can’t exactly vouch for her calculus skills). But we digress, because given the way Lindsay Lohan’s sexcapades went viral and the way Wendy Deng ditched Rupert for Tony, it’s clear matters of the heart are basically as turbulent as a plane flying over a tornado (we have literally been there, guys, and it’s rough).

Thank god, then, for Sciortino and her comprehensive guide to life (okay so maybe it’s missing things like how to pit an avocado or hand-wash silks but, like, the important parts are there): a little spritz of CHANEL No. 5 on the undies (because you never know) or the power of two-seconds-too-long eye contact (not pervy, just bold). You know, the everyday stuff a girl can use at the bar or gym or—just throwing this out there—enroute to the bathroom when you spot the token office hottie (ours, named Neal, is officially our guinea pig).

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