Rick Ross

Musician. Atlanta

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Stephanie Mark

So here’s the story so far: we flew to Atlanta because Cov-alum Karleen Roy alerted us to the fact that she was planning Rick Ross’ 40th birthday party. Are you guys caught up on that yet? They brought in some white horses, “48 hours worth” of flowers, and enough champagne to fill his swimming pool (which, mind you, is the biggest pool in the United States—really though).

But if you know us at all, you’ll know that once we were in Ross’ house, it wasn’t enough for us to sit by and watch the admittedly impressive party prep going on all around us (like flying in an entire bowling alley staff, for example). We had to get in on the action—and for us, that means heading straight to the closet(s).

His is a house that has 109 (109!!!!!) rooms. And, yes, his closets are proportionally very, very large. When it comes to someone like Rick Ross, all-OTT-everything is an expectation, no? So we weren’t all that surprised when we found walls upon walls of sneakers, an MCM leather stuffed animal menagerie, and all the Versace, like, ever.

But here’s something we didn’t know until we turned a corner while carrying his red Adidas sweat suit and ran into a couple original Basquiats: Ross is an undercover major art collector. He even confided to us that he goes to Basel fairs all over the world himself in search of new masterpieces to add to his collection. Oh, and then there was a room full of antique ship models. And with that we crown Rick Ross the most OTT Coveteur ever. And deservedly so.