2 DIY Cocktail Recipes to Get You Through January

Chocolate and alcohol. That is all.

2 DIY Cocktail Recipes to Get You Through January

Guys, it's all happening. We can officially stop remarking about just how warm it is in January and start complaining about how bitterly cold and windy it is this week. And how the snow is definitely coming, we can feel it. OR we could cease and desist all weather commentary and forecasting in favor of running straight from the office to the store to pick up these :tropical_drink: ingredients. When we first tried these drinks while holed up at the cozy and perfectly lit (good ambiance is kind of a science, right?) Gladstone Hotel bar, we begged the bartender to show us how to do it ourselves (over another round). Then we tried them at home... the verdict? They're exactly the refresher our red wine-slash-gin and tonic habit needed. One of them involves chocolate and Sriracha, which we’re really, really into and the other is basically a vitamin-c boost, but in booze form. Now go call your friends and have them meet at yours later for some some good, old-fashioned (phone-free!) entertaining. Because getting drunk at home is so much better—and there's no weather check needed.


Scott Toddy


1 and 1/2 oz Havannah 7 year
1oz lemon juice
2-4 oz lemon meringue tea
1oz blood orange simple syrup



one >> Steep the tea.
two >> Build simple, rum, lemon juice and top with tea to fill glass into a tumbler. Quick stir.
three >> For the garnish, juice a third of a lemon and place it on a skewer. Take a crouton, soak it with lemon extract and set a flame, balance it on the edge of the glass and enjoy! Can also be made cold. Just shake ingredients and strain over ice.



A Caliente Evening


Chocolate bark
1 oz Mescal
1/2 oz Kahlúa
1/2 oz Baileys
Hot chocolate
Whole milk




one >> Take a Collins glass and add Sriracha (enough to cover the bottom).
two >> Add two teaspoons of hot chocolate to milk that will fill 3/4's of the Collins glass and steam it until hot.
three >> Fill glass with hot chocolate building with tequila, Baileys, and Kahlua. This leaves the drink warm, not hot.
four >> Quick stir.
five >> Garnish with a thin piece of chocolate bark to be enjoyed separately or added into drink for extra spice.

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