Yana Raskovalova

Jewelry Designer. Moscow

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

When we went to Moscow for the very first time a month or so ago, we knew we had a pretty superficial knowledge of whose closets we should be attempting to enter. We mean, sifting through street style galleries paired with casual Instagram most certainly got us somewhere (see Ilona Stolie, Rodarte’s number one fan, and Ekaterina Mukhina who regularly collaborates with Karl Lagerfeld—not too shabby, if we do say so ourselves). But once we actually arrived and started taking suggestions from people like the aforementioned, people began to come out the sartorial woodwork, so to speak.

Like Yana Raskovalova, for instance. We were introduced to her (via Instagram, mind you) at a particularly lavish lunch by a woman who wears so much Valentino, you can help by trust she knows what she’s talking about. And she did. A few days later, early on a Sunday morning and in the midst of Moscow’s first snow of the year, we arrived at Raskovalova’s suburban mansion. Actually, mansion is probably the wrong term… Complex? Estate? Palatial home? And there we were greeted by a stunning blonde woman (that would Raskovalova) who sidestepped a full tour and took us straight to the place she knew we wanted to see most: her XXL closets. Yes, there were two of them.

Raskovalova was introduced to us because she is a much loved jewelry designer—and there’s no question she’s the real deal, what with a room full of raw materials and lots of carefully stored finished pieces. What it amounts to is a lot of diamonds, put together in a delicate, feminine way (we may or may not have sneakily tried on a massive ring or two when we were unsupervised—shhh). Let’s just say the woman’s taste for precious jewels is reflected in the rest of her wardrobe as well: with every cupboard door we opened there was more Louboutin, more Hermès, more CHANEL, more Oscar de la Renta. The rest of our time went something like: hang extremely rare Alexander McQueen on a bookshelf; eat homemade crepes and Nutella, watch as Raskovalova expertly poses for our photog alongside her massive indoor swimming pool. Our takeaway? When it come to travelling to new places, always trust the guidance of locals.