How To Up Your Beauty Routine in 60 Seconds

How To Up Your Beauty Routine in 60 Seconds

Without a single new product.

We have this one collective problem at TC HQ: we’re beauty product hoarders. See, when beauty brands practically throw their best products our way, we can’t resist. Like, ever. Which is why most of us here have far too many lipsticks in shades that should only belong to the Joan Smalls and Martha Hunts of the world. Our stockpile of products got us thinking, because the thought of bringing home one more might just land us on a TLC exclusive: how can we actually improve our ever-elusive beauty without a single new beauty product? Hint: it involves a lot of H2O (duh) and silk. Plus, like a ton more non-product-y stuff below. 



Silk  Pillows


In case you needed an excuse to ball out your bed linen, silk pillowcases have been said to leave you waking up like this: smooth hair, soft skin, no static. It all comes down to its natural fabrics and silk-y (we had to) texture, which let hair glide, not rub, for fewer knots and pulls which irritates your skin less. So, go ahead and ball out, friends.



Fridge Stock


Before you make your next run to Whole Foods, read our grocery list of foods that affect your outside, from your insides. Print it old school style and go.



Drink Water


Listen to what your mom told you. And, well, practically everyone else. Drinking H2O keeps you hydrated and flushes out toxins in your body, which in turn helps your organs function a whole lot better and speeds up your metabolism. The result? Clearer skin, less inflammation and a healthier glow all around.





As much as we like to stick to a veggie and fruit packed diet 24/7, life happens. As in, we like need a slice every once in a while—especially come 3 AM post Friday night out. Cue: vitamin supplements. Which pretty much ensure our body has all the vitamin goodness it needs to reduce stress, help you sleep, defy time (a.k.a anti-aging) and keep skin and hair glowing and soft. Take a multi or read the 101 on which vitamins to grab at your local GNC and how to take them.



Coconut Oil


Okay, this is our question: is there anything coconut oil can’t do? You can eat it (because it’s so much better and healthier for cooking—and mind-blowing on popcorn), moisturize essentially from head-to-toe with it (and it’s 100% natural and sans chemicals) and whiten your teeth with it (uh, remember oil pulling?). So it practically saves the world. JK—kind of.





Here are our words of wisdom: beauty sleep is a real thing. Decompress, distress and recharge. A lack of Z’s doesn’t do a body good. Everyone knows that. 


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