How a Female Director Gets Ready for the Golden Globes

How a Female Director Gets Ready for the Golden Globes

Palling around in CHANEL with a nominated French director ahead of the award show.

Nothing quite brings out the girlie girl inside us quite like a big night out. The glam-squad of hair and makeup, the custom couture or fresh-off-the-runway gowns, the jewels... it's enough to turn even the most sartorially apathetic onto playing dress-up. And when it’s an occasion so shiny and :sparkles: like last night's Golden Globes, well, that's just about as big a night can come. So, as you can imagine, when an invite landed in our mailbox from CHANEL to come by their palatial GG VIP suite to spy on the glam sitch of French director Deniz Gamez Erguven, we quickly obliged.

If you can picture a dream scenario, this was it: Erguven—whose film Mustang was nominated (and is also up for an Oscar)—once out of hair and makeup, slid into a custom fit black beaded CHANEL gown, a CHANEL tailor by her side hand-sewing the final details, before perusing the fine jewels and accessories for that requisite red carpet polish. Most special of all though, was witnessing how calm and collected the director was as she quietly ran through her thank you list, muttering names under her breath in concentration in case she should find herself on stage with a trophy in hand.

Once she was ready, and every last couture bead was in place, we snagged a few final moments with her for a quick photo opp in her final look before she stepped into her black car to be whisked off to the show. It's kind of a given that we would have loved to hop in and go with her, but we suppose getting ready in CHANEL's suite is a very close second to sitting stage-side at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.


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