How to Gift the Person Who Has Everything

Athena Calderone on why it's not as hard as you think. In collaboration with Jo Malone London.

There’s one of those “people who have everything already including every coffee table book that you usually gift” on everyone’s list. It’s kind of the ultimate challenge to find something, that when unwrapped, is still loved and appreciated, and, we don’t know, might actually mean something (as holiday presents should, right?) to the most privileged person on your list.

If you’re Athena Calderone (we should all be so lucky), you think about what—even though they have everything—they really love and care about. In her case, an “intoxicating” scent, like Jo Malone London’s Wild Fig & Cassis candle fits the bill (but, really, who doesn’t love a scented candle? We would collect those things by the truckload if we could). Because no matter how many myriad candles they might already own, when they light yours, they’ll totally think of you, right?

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