Ilona Stolie

Photographer. Moscow

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

Maybe you caught it on Instagram (or Snapchat?), but, just a few weeks ago, we booked some tickets and flew to Moscow (okay, so it wasn’t totally a whim—there is a major project in the works that brought us there, and you’ll hear all about it a little be later on.) Either way, we found ourselves in the Russian capital—and pretty suddenly, too—only to discover after peeking inside some of the city’s best dressed, that, yes, we had stumbled across Coveteur gold. As if we really ever had any doubt though: we've been more or less stalking the likes of Olga Karput, Miroslava Duma and Nasiba Adilova across international fashion weeks for a minute now.

Exhibit A when it comes to Russia's fluency in high fashion? Ilona Stolie. For one thing, Stolie herself looks like an extremely well-dressed Bond girl. We mean, just take a look: the woman has the kind of legs that our most delirious SoulCycle visions are made of. And, once Stolie walked us through her modernist mansion just outside the city (the snow was falling but we still got a glimpse of the extensive grounds, including a small lake and a guest house bigger than our childhood homes), she ushered us into her closet.

Let us paint a picture for you: the photographer and mother-of-two has a closet that amounts to everything we’ve ever wanted (and only heretofore seen on the runway) from this season and next. And Stolie’s taste level is on point. Think delicately embroidered Rodarte dresses that belong in a museum, Ghesquière’s most drool-inducing Louis Vuitton and a boutique’s worth of Saint Laurent mini skirts and skinny suits. All that along with choice pieces from Raf Simons’ men’s label, heavy silk robes from Tom Ford’s eponymous label’s early years (gotta have some loungewear, y’know?), and some very good Margiela and Gianvito Rossi. The woman obviously knows what she likes. Trust us when we say there’s a lot more where this came from (as in an entire guest house full of past season’s wardrobes). Don’t worry, though: we’ve already made plans to shoot Stolie for parts two and three at her homes in Monaco and London. Coming soon to a Coveteur near you!