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Astrology Gift Giving: Scorpio

October 23-November 21

Astrology Gift Giving: Scorpio
Meghann Stephenson

Deeply determined and driven, your Scorpio is intense but that’s precisely why you were drawn to this person like a moth to a flame. Highly self-reliant, Scorpio enjoys solitude so that he or she can think, dream and strategize life’s goals. Large parties are not for your Scorpio. This sign prefers smaller affairs where one can devote full attention to each person, one at a time. Scorpio also knows how to keep secrets—almost nothing would justify giving up a confidence.

In love, Scorpio is passionate, emotional and extremely loyal, and certainly not one to play the field. This sign personifies the saying, still water runs deep. An analytical, unemotional partner wouldn’t be quite right for this sign. Scorpio needs someone who is willing to share his or her deepest feelings. Scorpio’s eyes are their most unforgettable quality—few can resist the power of this sign’s powerful gaze.

Indeed, Scorpio is considered one of the sexiest and most private signs of the zodiac but make no mistake, the Scorpio woman is a lady in public and every man’s dream in private.

The Scorpio man is an intriguing, mysterious 007-type with a difference; the Scorpio man does not woo many at one time, but prefers to focus on one very special person. Pluto, the planetary ruler of this sign, has a possessive influence, so when Scorpio says, be mine, he means it. When Scorpio gives his or her heart, it’s usually forever.

— Gifts for Her —

Star Sign:


Nov. 15th


Scorpio women like to collect sexy, lacy lingerie in a variety of colors, from deep purple to bright red and including the neutrals of black to nude. From push-up bras to garter belts to wear with seamed stockings and pumps, the Scorpio woman is a true femme fatale. If you send flowers, make your roses deep dark red (her color) and include a sexy handwritten note with them—not one written by the florist, but by you.

Her signature perfume is musk or a haunting floral-oriental. Try Poison by Christian Dior.

If you would like to get her a jewel, buy her the opal, featured in the crown of the Holy Roman Emperor, believed to be an aid in teaching truths to others. It’s name literally means, ‘change of color’ and while on the surface this stone may appear white, it will magnificently reflect a rainbow of colors, depending on the angle of view.

The Scorpio likes clothing that is well crafted with classic tailoring. Get her a smart black suit she can wear in a number of ways, or one in a color that brings out the best in her; burgundy. Get her a classic English trench coat by Burberry, an Italian umbrella, or a fashionable handbag by CHANELl. Capricorn adores status apparel and accessories.

The Scorpio has a lovely practical side—get her a fine goose down comforter to keep her warm on winter days. The bedroom is one of her favorite rooms, so why not encourage her to say there?

She’s a busy lady and she craves fine leather goods, so buy her a red wallet in buttery leather.

Do you not know her too well but are smitten nevertheless? Buy a cheesecake, topped with strawberries from the highest rated bakery in your city. Bring it to her yourself to celebrate your religious holiday, or New Year’s Eve and add a good bottle of champagne.

— Gifts for Him —

Star Sign:


Oct. 24th


Scorpio does not like trendy things but rather, classic, quality items that can be enjoyed for a long time. If you buy him a book, make it an international spy thriller or murder mystery. Speaking of mysteries, Scorpio often portrayed in astrological text as handsome tall stranger who works to save the world by working as a spy or as a court prosecutor. He is fascinated with matters revolving around security, so clever protective gadgets for his home or car would be perfect choices.

This sign also enjoys things made of leather, so choose a jacket, a fine leather attaché case in tan, a new piece of finely made luggage or a handsome belt.

If you’re single and dating a Scorpio, it may help to know that Scorpio men tend to favor meat-and-potatoes over quiche. Buy your bachelor man a Traeger Grill—it is sure to get lots of use.

The Scorpio man is a risk taker. Get him a set of poker chips and a fancy deck of playing cards.

Scorpio loves to be active...alone. Get him a 1950’s model Schwinn bicycle or a cool state-of-the-art mountain bike to stay fit. Speaking of working out, Scorpio is competitive but within himself. Get him an Hermés Apple Watch to track his heartbeat and other fitness goals.

He has a romantic side, too. Get him a large, sturdy umbrella made for two. Walking in the rain will provide all the reason to come close. Do you know your bachelor Scorpio well and are in love? Give him a set of quality satin sheets, a gift you will both enjoy.

Don’t know him as well as you’d like yet? Make him your own custom mix of music you think he’d like for his morning runs.

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