Astrology Gift Giving: Libra

Astrology Gift Giving: Libra

September 23-October 22

Meghann Stephenson

Libra is a very social sign—Libra seems to know everyone and certainly everyone wants to know Libra! This sign rules marriage, so not surprisingly, Libra is always happiest when coupled up in harmonious, settled union. They also love to play matchmaker to others, not only for romantic purposes, but in business too. Their instincts are remarkably correct, so when a Libra offers to make a match, be enthusiastic about doing so!

Always charming, gracious, polished and up-to-the-minute, Libra will more often start a trend rather than follow one. They usually are the tastemakers of any group and will readily let you know what’s hot and what’s not. If you need a great new restaurant or want to explore a boutique with all the cool items, ask a Libra. Admittedly, with their sure sense of style, it can be a bit intimidating to buy a gift for a Libra. This list should help. When in doubt confer with one of their close friends.

This sign can be strong willed but they exert their will in a kind and subtle way. It’s easy to see why they so often get their way—few can resist their charms! Manners matter to this sign, so when you take her or him to dinner, be sure your manners are impeccable.


— Gifts for Her —

Star Sign:


Oct. 21st


Libra’s favorite gift is fine jewelry, so choose something elegant she wouldn’t buy herself such as a ring in her birthstone, a blue sapphire. This gem is said to encourage an open, truth-seeking attitude and sharp level-headedness in the wearer. Ancient mythologists felt strongly that the sapphire was so powerful that it could ward off evil spirits and would heighten one’s intuition and confidence.

Do you want to give your Venus-ruled lady lingerie? She never has enough. Choose something in soft rose pink, a powdery deep rose, sky blue, mint green or pale cream—the colors of the Rocco drawing room, for these gentle tones are associated with Libra. She loves lace, so make her nightgown, bras and panties as frothy and pretty as you like.

Libras have busy social lives, so you might also delight her by buying her a tiny bejeweled evening purse in midnight blue, her color. You might also like to get her a beautiful, flowered silk shawl edged in long black fringe to go over many of her outfits.

If you send this Venus-ruled beauty flowers, send roses in any soft shade you can think of—pink might be best. Make sure each flower itself is large so that each flower will unfold with large petals in a sentimental, soulful way. Cut their stems fairly short (9 inches or so) and put them in a round crystal vase by Waterford and suggest she keep them in her bedroom by her bed stand. She will awaken to a lovely light fragrance that will delight her with a great memory all day long. The vase will be a gift she will treasure long after the holidays are over.

Libra uses perfumes and body lotions skillfully as part of her allure—she can never have too many. Find out her favorite scent and be sure to include the matching body butter to wear over her scent to seal it, and allow it to extend through most of the day.

She has a sweet tooth, so surprise her with a box of fine imported flavored chocolates—choose raspberry and orange fillings. Add a bottle of Grand Marnier or whip up a chocolate soufflé in her kitchen.

Libra would like to have a new home accessory, such as a pot in the Libra-ruled metal, copper. Give her an elegant clock, a signed lithograph or gilt-edged mirror for her bedroom. She adores delicate, artisan jewelry.

Does your Libra have a porcelain tea set? She wants one. Choose either a pretty porcelain tea set adorned with pink rose buds and rimmed in gold, or find an antique tea set with tea pot, sugar bowl and pitcher for milk, all made of sterling silver. Libra is old fashioned about preserving elegant traditions, like afternoon tea.

Art brings lots of joy to Libra. Get her a coffee table book of beautiful black and white Ansel Adams photographs or one that addresses one of her favorite periods in art.

She has a good sense of humor and plenty of style. Get her a 1960’s lava lamp for her living room.

She likes to stay fit, but as a child of Venus, she generally doesn’t like high impact exercises. Instead, give her a set of 10 Pilate’s lessons.


— Gifts for Him —

Star Sign:


Oct. 20th


This Venus-ruled man adores music, so make him a playlist of music he loves or entertain him with tickets to a classical, jazz or rock concert. Dinner out with dancing later at a hot club, is another good choice. Get him tango lessons for two or learn salsa dancing. Then go out and be the couple that dances best on the dance floor.

He might love it if you upgrade the quality of the speakers for his den. Or get him Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

He has a busy social life that’s often quite formal, so give him a gift certificate for his own custom-made tux, or if he has one that he loves (very possible) give him a custom made shirt or set of solid gold cufflinks.

If you find a new brand of cologne you find sexy, give it to him, he will be intrigued. Egotist by Chanel would be a great choice.

Does he like to have friends over? Get him a stainless steel fondue set. It will bring laughs and fun to his next get-together.

He needs to look cool—get him Ray Ban sunglasses in aviator style.

Blue is Libra’s color. Package a set of six pretty blue wine glasses with a great bottle of his favorite wine. If he is not a wine drinker, send him a case of large bottles of San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water and a set of 8 crystal glasses—it is amazing how special drinking water can feel.

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