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Astrology Gift Giving: Gemini

May 21-June 21

Astrology Gift Giving: Gemini
Meghann Stephenson

If there’s one word to keep in mind when selecting a gift for Gemini it’s ‘new.’ Gemini likes to stay on top of trends—this is the sign that rules the journalist and the dissemination of information. This sign loves to read (books, newspapers, the Internet and magazines), so your main aim may be to get him or her to stop reading and start noticing you! Just kidding—Gemini has a lively interest in romance, too.

If you are in love with a Gemini, you’ll have a lively relationship for your beloved will have a wide variety of interests and will have a witty sense of humor too. Gemini gets bored easily, so you may have to stretch to keep up, but even so, the process should be joyful. Gemini is the one sign most likely to look far younger than their years, and this is true well into old age. They not only tend to eat right and stay fit, they tend to act in a young, vibrant way.

If you are trying to think of an age-appropriate gift, scale his or her age downward to a younger age group. In other words, Gemini proves that 50 is the new 35. If he or she is 35, think 25. Chances are your Gemini friend likes the same music, books, clubs and movies that the younger people favor.


— Gifts for Her —

Star Sign:


June 13th


Lily-of-the-valley is one of Gemini’s favorite flowers, so send her a nosegay or give her a basket of soaps, lotions and cologne in that scent.

Do you want to get her a jewel? Get her the citrine, symbolizing lightheartedness and joy, and said to promote her creativity. In ancient days, merchants were said to put a citrine in a cash box to promote prosperity. It’s the perfect jewel for her.

Her need to communicate is strong. Find her an elegant Mont Blanc pen or go with her to a fine shop such as Mrs. John L. Strong at 699 Madison Avenue to choose her own stationary, compete with a printer’s die for her engraved initials. Since she was very little, she wished her father owned a stationery shop—she loves paper and ink THAT much! Gemini is considered the sign of the journalist. She either writes or loves to read. Do you want to tickle her funny bone? Get a personalized newspaper with his/her name in the headline.
Go to <> If you want to propose, this could be a romantic way to do it!

Gemini usually works long hours on the computer and is prone to cramped fingers. Her polish is easily chipped on the keyboard. Get her a luxurious warm paraffin manicure in a posh hotel or salon. She needs the hand massage and extra pampering as much as she needs the manicure!

She would also like new accessories to change her look, so buy her a pretty new belt, small leather backpack (instead of a purse), or a trendy piece of costume jewelry.

She needs an extra set of keys because she has so much to do and keeps misplacing her one set. Get her an extra set and put those keys on a silver key chain with a silver heart.

Does she want a pet? Get her two white doves in a gilded cage—Gemini likes two of everything as Gemini is said to always be continually searching for her ‘lost’ twin. Two lovebirds would be ideal!

Being that she loves to read, get her a tiny book light for her airplane travel. She might not want to sleep on those red-eye flights like others do. She tends to be a live wire and finds calming down hard to do. Reading helps her relax. Besides, she may have a book she can’t put down.


— Gifts for Him —

Star Sign:


June 8th


Your Gemini loves to read, too, so choose some new books and be sure they’re all best sellers.

Gemini is one of two important travel signs (Sagittarius being the other), so you might get him a new overnight bag or a fine leather toiletry case.

Sending and getting e-mail is fun for a Gemini, so get him the latest and greatest smart phone. Gemini never has enough communication devices! Besides, with one of these gadgets, he can send you love notes digitally with the assurance they’ll be private. You might also give him all sorts of zany things for his car such as a wide rear view mirror or an extra car cup-holder for his coffee if he often has a passenger riding shotgun.

He likes to take classes, so you could give him one to sharpen his pool game, pick up a new language, or learn how to best invest in stocks.

Gemini gets bored with same old-same old, so get him a copy of Zagats for New York City, or other restaurant guides for your city. Insert a note; ’Pick one restaurant and I will take you there.’ Gemini not only enjoys trying new restaurants but this sign also loves surprises. Or get him an open ticket on an airline for two to anywhere he wants to go with you. Gemini is highly conceptual; the endless possibilities will intrigue him. You might alternatively get him weekend luggage and he will get plenty of use from it! Inside the pocket of the luggage, tuck in a reservation for a charming, secluded bed & breakfast establishment. The idea will be to provide a restful, sexy weekend for two.

Looking for inexpensive entertainment? Call for tickets to Steven Colbert in New York or James Corden for a future date this spring. Tuck the tickets in a sparkly holiday card.

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