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Astrology Gift Giving: Cancer

June 22-July 22

Astrology Gift Giving: Cancer
Meghann Stephenson

Women and men born under the sign of Cancer love the home and family. A gift that links to their love of cooking, decorating or making their home more comfortable and inviting would hit the spot. Anything that caters to their love of family would also be prized.

This is a highly sensitive, sentimental and romantic sign, so Cancers really enjoy traditional holidays where everyone in the family comes together. Female Cancers are ultra-feminine creatures who all too often put the interests of everyone else in their life first. If you love a female Cancer, your job will be to make her feel like a princess.

Male Cancers are thoughtful, caring partners who never forget to send a card or gift. If you are married to a Cancer or love one, your job will be to show him how much you care. Although he may protest and say you shouldn’t baby him so much, that is precisely what you should do. Secretly he loves being fussed over.

— Gifts for Her —

Star Sign:


July 21st


Cancer is ruled by the moon, so if you are selecting a nightgown for this lovely lady, make it silk charmeuse in shimmering white, edged in lace, by an Italian designer. If possible, find one cut on a bias to drape her body softly in a glamorous 1940’s style. Like the moonlight, freshly fallen snow or pure milk, all things reminiscent of Cancer, she needs to be enveloped in white—her emblem. Generally, the Cancer woman has a beautiful complexion and lovely shoulders, so make sure that the new gown you buy sets off those qualities. She’ll seem to radiate an inner luminescence when wearing silk.

Cancer rules the beautiful pearl that comes from the depths of the ocean, and few gems are as effective in flattering her delicate, translucent skin. A string of beautiful cultured pearls would be a timeless gift and later become a family heirloom. If a strand of pearls is beyond your budget, consider buying a single pearl as a pendant. The pearl, her birth gem, is said to promote purity, sincerity and compassion, and also was treasured for solidifying romantic unions. This is why many brides wore, and still wear, pearls on their wedding day.

Send her a huge bouquet of white roses, acanthus or fragrant gardenias, or plant bulbs of paperwhites or narcissus for her garden. If she loves to work in her garden, buy her a set of fine tools, put them in a basket with red-checked tablecloth as a lining, and tie a big red ribbon on it.

Your tender, sensitive Cancer lady would love a book of poems or better yet, one poem written by you with a fountain pen on good rag paper. She’ll keep it forever.

Her cooking skills are renowned, so pick out some new kitchen gear for her such as a copper-mixing bowl to whip her egg whites for her soufflés, a beautiful set of placemats to match the color of her dining room, or a set of good quality wooden salad bowls for her next dinner party.

She always puts her family first but put her first by giving her a pretty breakfast tray, tie a big red bow on the handle and promise to make her breakfast in bed every Sunday for a month. Or choose an antique, hand-painted keepsake tin to hold the cookies you’ll bake yourself—Cancer loves anything homemade. For this lady, the gesture of going the extra mile will earn you points.

Take her for dinner and dancing under the stars on the World Yacht docked in downtown Manhattan, available year round.

If you don’t know her well and she lives in the suburbs, send her a hanging plant in a clay pot. Fuchsias (chose white ones) if her porch is sunny; if her porch is in the shade, send begonias as your hanging plant.


— Gifts for Him —

Star Sign:


July 10th

Have a professional portrait taken of yourself in black & white or sepia, present it to him in a silver frame for his desk. Or track down a keepsake photo album with many pages for his snapshots—he is more sentimental than you think.

Surprise him by chartering a day of sailing for later this year when it’s warmer and promise to bring along a homemade gourmet picnic lunch. Cancer loves being on the water. Is he a kid at heart? Surprise him with a small remote control operated sailboat to play with on Saturday mornings, perhaps with his young son or daughter. Or, find a great old print of a sailing vessel and have it framed for his study.

Many Cancer men like to cook, so select a cookbook written just for guys. Or, if he really can’t cook (and doesn’t want to cook) but loves bagels, get him a robust bagel toaster, one that is large enough to toast bagel slices to perfection. Along with your gift, bring a small basket of an assortment of delicious gourmet jams. Get his mother’s favorite recipe for any dish and have in written with calligraphy on parchment paper and frame it for his kitchen wall.

Cancer loves learning about his ancestry. offers a DNA analysis of your family’s history, so check the DNA option on the top of the homepage For $99, you can give your Cancer man a little kit that will allow him to submit his DNA with a simple swab so he can trace his family’s history back to his first ancestor 60,000 years ago and the migration paths they took around the world. He can learn about his true ethnicity, discover distant relatives, and find new details about his unique family history.

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