Astrology Gift Giving: Aquarius

January 20 to February 18

Astrology Gift Giving: Aquarius

Aquarius is all things that start with ‘I’: individual, independent, imaginative, innovative and even a little idiosyncratic—and that’s what you love most about him or her. This sign is very against social climbing of any kind, for it offends their democratic approach to life (all for one and one for all). While others would avoid being called a bit of an oddball, Aquarius wears their quirky label as a badge of honor. Who wants to be thought of as vanilla, especially in New York! Whether your Aquarius lover feels he or she fits in doesn't normally matter, they carry their own yardstick for success, and walk to a different drummer.

When it comes to getting romantically involved, an Aquarius will first need to feel rapport with his or her lover. Aquarius finds a great mind the sexiest quality in a partner. This sign also rules friendship, so for an Aquarius, a warm friendship will usually proceed a loving romantic attachment.

Aquarius is powerfully intellectual, rational, analytical and almost a clinically objective sign. This sign rules the sciences, which requires that kind of detachment. If you are in love with an Aquarius, your lover might at times give the impression of being the unattainable but it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested—only that the Aquarian is still trying to figure you out and sort out their feelings.

Admittedly, it might be hard to get to know an Aquarius because they are so guarded emotionally. Being that Aquarius is generally outgoing and gregarious, a new partner might get the impression that his or her beloved is a flirt and interested only in playing the field. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aquarius is a fixed sign and tends to stay very loyal—stability is what this sign favors. So be patient. Once you have your Aquarius’ heart, there’s a good chance you’ll have it forever.


— Gifts for Her —

Star Sign:


Jan. 29th


Her sign rules friendship, so find a pretty silver friendship ring to give her to remember you. Or if the relationship is more serious, buy her a ring in her birthstone, amethyst. The amethyst is believed to enhance mental strength and open the mind spiritually. The Egyptians called the amethyst ‘hemag’ and considered it to be the symbol of intellect, helping one concentrate in a more focused way. It was a highly revered stone in ancient days—no doubt because it’s also so beautiful. Since crystals fascinate her, get her a pretty pendant. Consult a gemologist for the various properties of the crystals that draw your attention.

She enjoys unusual jewelry—go to the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) shop in Grand Central Station and buy a necklace or bracelet of subway tokens. She’ll love it, and will especially enjoy it when she’s traveling far from home to remind her of her beloved city, New York. Aquarius prefers living in big cities, the more people, and the better.

Do you want to buy your Aquarius lady chocolates? Then make them unusual in some way. Choose a box of fine imported bittersweets, each with a surprise filling. If you want to send her flowers, choose wild orchids. Your lady prizes imaginative and creative expressions.

She likes to work out her body (mainly because she sits at her computer all day). Get her favorite device to listen to music at the gym.

She needs a bag that can hold many things—a drawstring bucket bag is perfect.

Aquarius rules astrology, so give her a reading by a professional astrologer. Call the chapter of the National Council for GeoCosmic Research in New York for references and names.

Here’s another idea: you might give her a certificate for an aromatherapy massage—she’ll be in heaven.

She’s very hip and ‘downtown” in her ways—she loves cool graphic tee shirts to wear with her jeans. Your Aquarius beloved wouldn’t likely wear fur. Get her a faux fur jacket or coat, perhaps in a creative color to wear anytime. There is more vegetarian Aquarians than any other sign. Get her a cookbook of delicious, easy-to-make meatless meals.


— Gifts for Him —

Star Sign:


Feb. 16th


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of the future and governs electricity. It’s easy to see how buying just about anything which plugs into the wall would thrill your Aquarius man. The newer and more unusual the item, the better. You could try something basic like a laptop computer if you’re feeling generous or choose something offbeat. He also will like new speakers for his music. If you buy him a book, make it either sci-fi novel or one that predicts new social trends.

A membership to the planetarium on might hit the right note. You might also want to invest in a telescope so that he can view the stars and planets from his roof or on summer nights, from a nearby open field.

Your Aquarius man loves video games—ask his best friend which one to buy.

The Aquarian man likes pets, but may have no time to keep one. Get him one perfect pet goldfish in it’s own little landscaped bowl.

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