Christina Tosi

Christina Tosi

Chef, Owner & Co-Founder, Momofuku Milk Bar. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

If you’re a loyal reader of The Coveteur, you’ll know  that there are two things that top our list of all things, ahem, covetable. Both start with the letter ‘F’ and, as far as we’re concerned, a high level of both is totally and completely necessary for optimal happiness levels. If it's not entirely obvious by now, we’re talking about fashion and food, of course—‘cause you can’t really choose between snacks and Saint Laurent stilettos, now can you?

So when we stumble upon someone who harbors similar feelings toward the two pillars of what we hold nearest and dearest, we kind of feel like we’ve come upon a kindred spirit—they just get us, you know? Such was the case with Christina Tosi, the genius Michelin-star-anointed mind behind Momofuku Milk Bar and the inventor of creations like Crack Pie and cereal milk-flavored soft serve ice cream, to name just a few. We mean, she’s the one who made Birthday Cake Truffles a reality. Before we even met her at Milk Bar’s Brooklyn HQ (a.k.a. a modern day Willy Wonka factory, where any sugar-based dream can literally come true), she was already pretty much a personal hero of sorts.

While Tosi toured us around her sweets-devoted facility (if you have visions of massive mixers filled with cookie dough, cake crumbs ripe for the picking on every surface and fridges piled high with pies, you’d about get the Momofuku Milk Bar picture) and then proceeded to bake us our very own cake (see the recipe here), she also regaled us with stories of thrift shopping in Virgina and uncovering treasures on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. She shared her plentiful collection of Isabel Marant and Band of Outsider frocks with us (Acne booties on shelves of sweet relish is totally the new shoes on coffee table books), while we all indulged in more than a few leftover cake crumbs. Let’s just say that along with singing along to Neil Young classics (Tosi divulged a long held crush on the Canadian legend), eating more cake and cookies than one should rightfully be able to stomach within a few hours time and comparing notes on the best thrift spots to hit up around the city and beyond, we had a pretty, well, perfect, morning. Who knew that food and fashion made for faster friends than a being stuck in line together at an Opening Ceremony sample sale?