Gordon Stevenson (A.K.A. Baron Von Fancy)

Artist. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

When it comes to being Insta-famous (as in famous via the medium of Instagram, duh), some of those who rack up a following can be, um, confusing. As in, aside from an endless barrage of selfies, memes, or day-in-the-somewhat-dull-life-of photos, the means to the end is literally just that: being Insta-famous. But for a few, like artist Gordon Stevenson, who told us that his Instagram feed is better than any gallery show. The means to the end here? You probably haven’t heard of an artist named Gordon Stevenson, but we’re guessing you’ve heard of Baron Von Fancy—and have probably seen his work on a billboard, or your roommates coffee mug, or, yeah, Instagram.

Online and off, we’ve been following Stevenson for a while—and have become slightly obsessed with his signature scripted works. Like: “Sew Fancy” emblazoned on a sewing kit; “May the bridges I burn light the way” on a matchbook; “A better place is hard to find” on a doormat. We mean, you could conceivably decorate a whole apartment in Baron Von Fancy-isms. But we only realized how true this was once we arrived at Stevenson’s Tribeca loft.

The artist has kept an edition of just about everything he’s ever made, from pillowcases and bath towels to prints and lighters. “It makes me so happy to actually use the things I loved making so much,” he told us as he dug through a massive storage locker stocked with his stuff while wearing one of his custom tie-dye sweat suits. That’s another thing: Stevenson’s wardrobe is about as Tumbr-perfect as his art. Case in point: his collection of vintage Versace jeans. Or his similarly large collection of novelty jerseys, including a Taylor Swift Jersey and a Basketball Diaries jersey. Amazing? Definitely. As much as he has, though, he’s very particular about what he collects: things to do with love, baseball and New York rate high on his list. But he can definitely explain it better than us. Guys, click through the gallery below, because this is one guy who needs way more than Instagram to communicate what he’s about.