The Prettiest Way to Start Your Morning

The Prettiest Way to Start Your Morning's delicious & pretty damn healthy, too.

If you haven't figured it out yet, around these parts, we are firmly, resolutely, team treat yourself. And that approach definitely extends to our mornings, arguably the most vulnerable—and depending on what kind of person you are, potentially suckiest—time of day. The cure? A really delicious breakfast. 

Given that we can't exactly fulfill our very real need for eggs Benedict and/or anything cheesy, bacon-y and avocado-y on a daily basis (for both time and artery-related reasons), we'd like to propose a compromise: this pitaya and passion fruit yogurt bowl. We first introduced to the combo by the girls from How You Glow, who, surprise surprise, hail from California and know exactly how to throw together the sort of A.M. meal that makes hitting snooze an afterthought rather than instinct. Follow the step-by-step below for a seriously delicious (and healthy) breakfast bowl that might just be the prettiest thing you'll ever eat. 

While you're downing your breakfast, don't forget to take your vitamins, too. And maybe have it with a side of hot lemon water, Olivier Rousteing-style. And for dinner? Vegan meatballs, duh.


Pitaya and Passion Fruit

— Yogurt Bowl —



1/2 pitaya
1/2 passion fruit
1 cup organic yogurt (sheep’s milk, or coconut, or greek)
raw bee pollen + raw honey for topping



one >> Place yogurt into a bowl

two >> Cut the pitaya into cubes, and then incorporate into the yogurt by mixing

three >> Top yogurt with passion fruit, bee pollen, and honey

four >> Enjoy!

Recipe & photography courtesy of How You Glow

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