Gia Kuan

Gia Kuan

Public Relations; @giakuan. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

We’re used to international jet-setters and people with multi-city homes and influences. We mean, all it takes is a cruise through Paris Fashion Week and the myriad people we’ve photographed there to find women with passports from Australia and Brazil to Japan, Hong Kong, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Thing is, you don’t even have to come to this site to get that international feeling if you’re in downtown New York; all you need to do is post up on a patio and people watch. Because what’s more New York than people coming from all over the world just to get in on the dream?

So we weren’t all that surprised when we arrived at Gia Kuan’s Chinatown walk-up to find that the PR professional who we’ve been stalking via Instagram (she’s cooler than you and her feed proves it) for the past few years, is truly an international New Yorker. Get this: born in Teipei, Taiwan, Kuan has since lived in the Dominican Republic, New Zealand and Australia, before coming Stateside to study at Parsons. Her accent? American, of course.

And her style (the reason we’ve been virtually stalking her) reflects her peripatetic background. Read: eccentric. (She calls it, “a dash of popstar? Anime? A bit of a boy look? Anything goes? I don’t know… definitely not conservative!”) As in, Simone Rocha trousers trimmed in fur, miniature (made for children) Barbie sweaters, Comme des Garçons’ 2-D coat and a LOT of Junya (#goals). And Kuan has collected her fair share of beauty secrets, too, confessing to being a “face mask junkie” (we feel you) and listing off a host of coveted products when we inquired into her skincare routine. Then again, maybe that can’t be credited to her travels—we mean, we know our fair share of born and bred Brooklynites who feel the same way about their nightly routines. Like we said, she’s a true New Yorker.