The Getting Selfie-Ready Routine: Jasmine Sanders (@golden_barbie)

Plus the beauty product she can't live without and why she once put mayo in her hair.

The Getting Selfie-Ready Routine: Jasmine Sanders (@golden_barbie)

In the Instagram world, mastering the front-facing camera is practically a right of passage. And what we’ve learned by grilling just about every Cov-alum that has an on-point selfie strategy, is that it’s about finding the perfect lighting, knowing your exact angles and editing it ever so subtly (albeit, you never, ever, admit it). But that got us thinking, aside from all the above criteria, what does it really take to get a Facetune-less selfie with the help of just a bit of foundation and mascara (okay, there are a few more steps)? So, in our second instalment of our #coveteursocialclub beauty series, we flew to LA to see how Jasmine Sanders, a.k.a @golden_barbie, gets such a flawless pic for her 1.3M followers.


The Look

"I was going for a fun, glowy summer look. I like to keep it natural especially on hot summer days. I applied a light layer of liquid foundation followed by a nice bronzer with a shimmer and shine on the cheekbone and nose. I also filled in my eyebrows lightly to cover any spacing and create a nice, natural shape." 


Morning Skincare Routine

"I always start off by using a makeup remover or cleansing wipe, followed by moisturizer on my face and neck. When running to a quick casting or lunch, I apply a light application of liquid foundation and bronzer. I also apply mascara, lip gloss and a quick fill and brush through my brows. At night I'll definitely spend more time going through the steps while doing my make up. Depending on the event I may add a lash and a red lip to spice up my night.


#1 Makeup Tip

"Highlighting! I love having a hint of shine no matter what time of day. I highlight my nose, cupid's bow, cheekbones, and sometimes even my collar bones depending on what I'm wearing."


Fave Hair Products

"You can never go wrong when using a hair masque. It's always good to condition your hair. Another major tip is, when using any type of blow dyer, curling iron, or flat iron, be sure to use heat protectant."


Products She Can't Live Without

"My face wipes are a must-have no matter where I go." 


Beauty Travel Essentials

"Toothpaste is always worth checking in a bag because a pretty face has to accompany a healthy smile."


Weirdest Beauty Trend Ever

"I once had to use mayonnaise to untease my hair after a fashion show. It was my first time having a hair stylist tease my curls into a huge afro. As amazing as it looked, and as much as I've always wanted to recreate that look, it took all the strength of my mom and I to pull a comb through before the mayonnaise. After trying a million different remedies, I can't remember whose bright idea it was to try the mayonnaise." 


Favorite People To Follow on Instagram

"I really enjoy following @patmcgrathreal, @priscillaono, and @itsmyrayeraye because they're all amazing make up and beauty influences. They all have a unique way of showing their personality all while expressing themselves through their talents." 


Selfie Tips

"I don't plan a selfie so the make up and beauty routine doesn't change. Selfies are spontaneous and most likely in lieu of the look. Not the other way around. I don't really like to use filters lately but I generally like to play around with all of them depending on the light and the time of day. I may brighten or darken here or there, but I don't think about it too much."


Last Thing Googled

"Different ways to meditate. I've been getting back into yoga and been finding more time for myself and getting back to things that used to interest me like yoga and being more active and outdoors."


Exciting Instagram Follows

"The super sweet and stylish dancer Maddie Zeigler follows me and I'm definitely a huge fan of hers." 


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