Editor's Picks: Fall Skincare Edition

Basically: creamy moisturizers by the bucketload.

Editor's Picks: Fall Skincare Edition

Transitioning to summer is another story entirely, but if one thing warrants a complete beauty (or at the very least, skincare) overhaul, it's when the temperatures first begin to drop and we're faced with the reality of colder weather. It's a story as old as time (probably)—formerly sun-drenched skin freaks out and chaps, flakes and generally resembles all things dry and gross. It's all a bit of a sob story—that is, until you hit the nearest Sephora and stock up on a whole range of new goodies to reinvigorate your routine with. Here's what we're using this season.



Alicia Cesaro

Editorial Assistant

It's not even technically winter but someone obviously needs to tell my skin that, particularly the area around my eyes, nose...I mean, everywhere. Because it's dry AF. And before you say anything, let me just break it down for you: I've replaced my go-to cleanser for Tatcha's oil, swapped out the creams for even heavier creams, started layering oil under my serum and have the humidifier on full blast. BAM. And it's only October. But I refuse to go down without a fight, so I'm bringing out the big guns. Specifically: Embryolisse's Lait-Crème Concentrate, the OG cleanser/makeup remover/moisturizer/mask hybrid. I clearly remember stockpiling this stuff when I first went to Paris years ago. My stash lasted forever, but then it ran out and for some odd, odd reason I forgot to buy more. Which was really stupid, and I'll never do it again. Adding the Shu Uemura oil for, you guessed it, dry ends, and hair products that can be used anytime, anywhere are awesome. Lastly, Caudalie toner, because, well, I still don't use a toner religiously and maybe this "moisturizing" one will be a cure-all? Here's hoping.



Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor


To be blunt, my skin is effing annoying. That's truly the best word I can use to describe it, because despite it being mine for close to 30 years, I can't figure it out. And that annoys me. In the winter, my usual dryness rises about 10 levels. As does, simultaneously, the frequency of break outs. See what I mean by annoying? SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Defense serum is the only acne treatment I've come across that doesn't completely suck all the moisture out of my skin, and these days, I've been layering that with Philosophy's Hope in a Jar (aptly named). But when the temperatures really dip, the real problem is my body and hands, which get so grossly dry, they can crack and bleed. The only thing the gets even close to quenching and protecting them is classic Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream. I would even go so far as to wear gloves to bed after slathering it on, but for the fact that my boyfriend would probably eye-roll himself right out of bed.



Meagan Wilson

Senior Editor & Social Media Manager

My beauty favorites don't change much from season to season. Unless, that is, it's a product category where I haven't quite found a holy grail, holy-shit-I-can't-live-without-this-stuff contender. I'm pretty loyal to my eyeliner (Stila), moisturizer (Mizon snail cream), base (a mix of Bobbi Brown BB cream and M.A.C. foundation) and mascaras of choice (Diorshow or L'Oreal's Voluminous), but just about everything else is a toss up. Here's what I'm into right now and considering adding into regular rotation.

I read about Bumble and Bumble's Sunday shampoo as a Jen Atkin favorite somewhere a little while ago, and bought it during an impromptu Sephora.com spree. If you're on (or trying to be on) the whole not-washing-your-hair-everyday-by-which-I-mean-twice-a-week thing, it's the best. It clarifies like nothing else—so much so that it advises that it's not ideal for color-treated types—and between that and my HG dry shampoo (OG Batiste), I genuinely feel like my hair is being trained to be less greasy in between washes. Plus, the name makes me feel like the type of person who has a Pinterest-y, productive Sunday—farmer's market visits and all.

I finally picked up a bottle of Biologique Recherche's P50 during a 24-hour visit to Miami where I stopped by the Standard's insanely amazing spa there, still feeling the effects of my in-flight Xanax (just trying to keep it real here). It suddenly became very, very easy to justify buying (alongside a Ryan McGinley towel that I have absolutely no use for and a very expensive massage), and I've been hooked ever since. It's obliterated just about every tiny bump and clogged pore on my face. The hype is real! Finally, Heritage Store's weird hippy-dippy Rosewater spray, which helps hydrate, smells amazing and gives a much needed shock of fuchsia to my vanity. Thanks, Whole Foods!



Noah Lehava

Senior Editor

It's been cold for 2.5 seconds and my skin has already shrivelled up into its scaly shell. Great. This Caudalie overnight oil has literally changed my life, though, to the point that I actually feel like a human well before I've had my morning cup of coffee—yeah, BFD. Everyone knows you damn well not dare to wear colored lipstick with chapped lips, uh, another side effect of this weather, because, well, it's gross. This lip balm is staying stashed in my coat pocket till the grass turns green again. And yeah, like I said, my skin is dry (the struggle is so, effing, real, you guys) so this jasmine-y cream is my hero.



RenÉe Rodenkirchen

Videographer & Photographer

One of my pet peeves is dry skin, so I like to use a shit load of oils in the fall and winter to avoid becoming a dried out desert. My go to for years has been almond oil. I'll put it all over from head to toe (or just my face if I'm tight on time) after a shower. It's a silky texture and gives a dewy, glowy look that a synthetic moisturizer has a tough time replicating. And I recently started using Sunday Riley's night oil, which I love. Don't be turned off by its blue colour or its sweet smell because that stuff is loaded with retinol and works quick to rejuvenate your skin. The fist couple of days my forehead got a little bumpy, but by the fourth day I started noticing a difference.

And for hair, I used to put coconut oil in after a shower, but I found it got greasy and stringy. F. Miller's oil is a good alternative specifically for yo' do :information_desk_person: 

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