The Easiest Cool Girl Manicure

The Easiest Cool Girl Manicure

Nail art just got a minimal, but graphic, upgrade; courtesy of the coolest nail salon in Lower Manhattan.

Masha Maltsava
As we all know, once upon a time, complicated, over-the-top nail art felt every bit as requisite as nightly make-up removal. Okay, so maybe it wasn't quite that crucial, but there was something all a bit basic about a bare or solidly-hued manicure, which, in the years since, the pendulum has swung right back around to favoring. Now, we find ourselves at a kind of crossroads: do we go back to committing to supporting Hillary's presidential campaign on our fingers? Or embrace restrained, timeless neutrals, but always risk feeling as if a certain something's just... missing?

Turns out that there's a middle ground that's pretty much defined by the team over at Paintbox Nails in Soho. They specialize in a very specific, happy medium brand of nail art. And as part of the styles we explored with manicurist Mimi Kurita—the first being their signature Strike it Rich—we nailed down (had to!) the perfection solution: Paintbox's Ringleader, with just one single sliver of color circling the top of the nailbed. Chic, right?


What you need:


Morgan Taylor Holy Cow-girl! polish
Butter London Kerfuffle polish
A liner or striper brush



Polish the entire nail with your base color and allow to dry.


Make a dot in the arch of the line you are going to make and on both sides where the ends are.


Connect the dots in one smooth line. Follow up with top coat.

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