Off the Menu: New York’s Most Delicious Mexican Food

Two of La Esquina’s best recipes.

Off the Menu: New York’s Most Delicious Mexican Food

Here’s the truth: when we’re running around Manhattan going from shoot to shoot, our single biggest priority (we’re pretty sure that, if you know us at all, you can guess) is lunch. Rule #1: when you join the Cov team, always make time for lunch. And, in line with that, if we’re really lucky, we just happen to find ourselves at the Corner Deli at Kenmare and Lafayette that is La Esquina , just when are stomachs start to grumble. (Okay, so maybe we take a 15 minute cab to “find ourselves” there.) And then it takes about five seconds to sit down and order chips and salsa, followed by a steaming bowl of their outrageously good tortilla soup. So, after enjoying it for the zillionth time at the restaurant, we persuaded La Esquina to share the wealth and pass on the recipes. And, fine, so we’re still rushing to get there when we’re shooting downtown, but now we have the perfect recipes for Sunday nights in, too.



310 grams roasted tomatoes
310 grams roasted tomatillo
87 grams roasted withe onions
4 grams roasted garlic
2 arbol chiles
2 ancho chiles
6 grams salt
1 gram Mexican organic cane sugar

ONE >> Roast all veggies (350°) 'til they get a nice charred color
TWO >> Toast all chiles (separated from each other)
THREE >> In hot boiling water pour all chiles, for about 10 minutes ('til the chiles get soft)
FOUR >> Separate into two batches and put all ingredients into a blender, using some of the chile water



500 grams tomatoes
3 Q chicken stock
5 guajillo chiles
2 Morita chiles
1 cascabel chile
20 grams epazote
18 grams garlic
87 grams withe onions
12 grams salt

ONE >> Roast the garlic, onions and tomatoes for about 10 minutes (350° oven), then blend them very well
TWO >> Toast all chiles (separated from each other)
THREE >> In a large rondo pot, pour 4 oz. of extra virgin olive oil
FOUR >> When the oil gets hot (it will smoke) add the mix of the vegetables from step one
FIVE >> Let it cook for about 5 minutes on a medium heat
SIX >> Add the chicken stock and chiles (except the epazote)
SEVEN >> After 10 minutes at a low heat add epazote for about 10 more minutes, then remove the epazote
EIGHT >> Remove from the heat and blend it very well
NINE >> Let it rest and add few stems of fresh epazote


Pulled roasted organic chicken
Diced onions
Crispy corn tortilla

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