Artist, J Soul Brothers III. Tokyo

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

By now you know our time in Tokyo was not without the occasional Lost in Translation moment. Try getting around in an entirely new, massive, completely overwhelming and disorienting city where the Uber drivers are without a lick of English, and street names aren't a thing. At all. As in, they don't use them. Now imagine that once you finally get to your destination, you find yourself square in the living room of a Japanese pop star, complete with documentary crew, management team and stylist, swearing up and down that covering every inch of their living space with shoes and jewelry is really what you do for a living and that it'll all make sense once they see the photos. Deep breaths, guys!

Even though we arrived at Elly's place bright and early the morning after he'd performed for a sold-out stadium show of some 30,000+ fans (all while we were shoving our faces full of sashimi), the J Soul Brothers III dancer was, surprisingly, game for just about anything. Including hopping on a spin bike and taking a faux conference call, '80s style, for the camera. All while clad in Thom Browne and Céline, too. Ideal subject or ideal subject? Thought so.

Based on his wardrobe, Elly's the type of shopper who, when he likes something, he really likes something. And buys it in bulk. Allow us to demonstrate. Toys? He had KAWS and Bearbricks by the truckload. Shoes and sneakers? We counted everything from Givenchy slip-ons to Rick Owens x Adidas and Jeremy Scott high tops and customized Timberlands among the peek we got into his collection. Insane jackets? Try checkered Saint Laurent and sky blue MCM. Sunglasses? We were presented with two mammoth trays to pull from. In other words: check, check aaaaand check.