Alisa Ueno

Creative Director, Fig & Viper; DJ. Tokyo

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

In our first extended trip really exploring the closets of Tokyo, there's been just one thing we've been trying to drive home: the effects of globalization on the realm of personal style are real. Whether it's Instagram, or the entire instantaneous nature of, well, just about everything that's to blame; those effects are actually so real that we flew halfway across the world to find that that ubiquitous bottle of Le Labo's Santal isn't unique to the major metropolises of the West—it is, in fact, big in Japan, too. While there are, of course, all sorts of idiosyncrasies that make the homes and closets we peeked into distinctly Japanese, the similarities didn't just stop at perfume. We're pretty sure Alisa Ueno's bookcase, for example, could have been directly transplanted from some salon in Silverlake. See where we're going with this one?

Having spent time stateside thanks to her moonlight gig as a DJ (turns out the designer DJ hybrid isn't native to just Los Angeles and Manhattan, either), as Ueno welcomed us to her Shibuya apartment, she cautioned us with a sentiment that would ring true throughout our trip—that what might be not be a lot of space in those cities, is actually a sizeable home in Tokyo. Ueno made it work though—just consider it as part of that perennial cool girl charm that yes, you can find just about anywhere in the world. Throwing on a we-would-have-never-thought-to-wear-that-together ensemble of a well-worn vintage tee and floor-length, sheer lace bell bottoms with massively thick creeper platforms; Ueno was more than game to give us a quick tour of her nabe (she even hopped on a neighbor's motorcycle. Thanks, stranger!).

As for Ueno's wardrobe? Housed in two massive storage closets, we unveiled everything from Moschino, old-school CHANEL, Versace and Saint Laurent—all in some iteration of black, white, red or gold. Best of all, though? During our shoot, she even introduced us to our new favorite shoe brand, by the name of Maris (we need those oxfords with the hands gripping the heels. This is not a drill.) See? Only in Tokyo.