Maiko Shibata

Creative Director, Restir Boutique. Tokyo

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

A recurring (and surprising) theme of the closets we captured in Tokyo? For every idiosyncrasy you'd expect to be part and parcel of Japanese personal style, there were a fair share of similarities, too: Furbys and Fendi, Moschino and Minions—to sound like a Liberal Studies professor circa 2006, the whole thing was all very glocal. Y'know? And this rang especially true for Maiko Shibata, Creative Director and buyer at Restir, a boutique that's essentially a little slice of Paris or London, right there in the city's Roppongi 'hood.

Given that you've probably spotted her as lensed by Phil Oh, it shouldn't come as a surprise that when we photographed this right on the precipice of Fashion Month, Shibata's coat game was stronger than ever: we'll basically be stalking that petal pink Christopher Kane and Balenciaga teddy bear chubby right through sale season. Ditto her Valentino sneakers and goth-y Simone Rocha twinset.

With a month of transcontinental flights ahead of her, Shibata kindly filled us in on all of her very necessary essentials as we gave the TC treatment to every last inch of her space. “I always bring my iPad downloaded with all my favorite books. And Aura Soma Quintessence to support my jet lag. I bring brown sugar coconut oil to help digestion and some herbal medicines. And on top of that, I’ll take my ‘good luck doll’ with me to all destinations.” Bet you haven't heard those gems before, right? Sure beats the usual magazines and ear plugs. And if anything, Shibata pretty much just nailed our point: coconut oil's even made its mark as a cure-all (we like to think of it as our answer to My Big Fat Greek Wedding's Windex at this point) half-way 'round the world. As for the other things she just can't make it without? She succinctly put it like this: "Books, pointed toe pumps, Lancôme mascara, Pilates lessons and a glass of wine.” We hear that.