Gigi Burris

Gigi Burris

Milliner, Gigi Burris Millinery. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Kerri Scales

We’re just going to put it out there: we’re not hat people. Or, more accurately, a hat just isn’t something we usually consider as an addition to whatever outfit we’ve managed to throw together in our five-minutes-too-late rush out the door every morning. But when we started coming across Gigi Burris’s headwear (fedoras, caps, some very fancy fascinators, headbands and veils) at regular haunts like Fivestory, Kirna Zabete, Colette and Matches, well, things changed a little: we started to put in, gasp, effort.

Really, though, we realize it’s not that hard. You put on a hat (and these are not your greasy hair disguising beanies), and your whole outfit reaches another level. Simple. But of course, Burris herself, who actually dreams up and makes these hats, has a wardrobe to match—i.e. the anti is upped considerably. We mean, someone who designed feather headwear for a living (make that feathered headwear that we actually want to wear) has got to have an at least somewhat dramatic personal style, right?

Let’s just say, girl knows what works for her. Burris is one of those all-black-everything fashion girls—but she is about the furthest thing possible from model-off-duty skinny-jeans-and-t-shirts-only uniform that most of us tend to throw on. See: a black J. Mendel shaggy fur jacket; impossibly high black Alaïa boots; a black Givenchy cross-body; rhinestone-studded black sunglasses by A-morir. If anything, Burris’ closet makes a case for putting in effort—we mean, if she can wear a net veil with a crop top and suede skirt while lounging around in her apartment, how hard can it really be?