Lise Grendene

Lise Grendene

Lifestyle Curator. London

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

Real estate in London, much like real estate in any other major city worth (at times) struggling to live in, is, occasionally, a point of contention. And it goes without saying that the ultimate score in one of said cities is anywhere a stone's throw from a serious historic site, like J.J. Martin's place in Milan steps from the Piazza della Giustizia, or Samantha Boardman's apartment around the corner from Central Park. In London, we like to think the equivalent is Lise Grendene's apartment, from which you can peek over the balcony and spy Royal Albert Hall, as the across-the-pond equivalent.

And with a first impression like that, it's only fitting that the goods inside followed suit. For starters, we had not one, but two (!) rooms dedicated to housing her clothing collection available to us to ransack. Yup. Game. On. Once we got going, as always, a few patterns became apparent: girl has a serious thing for silver shoes (witness the Stellas, Alaïas and Saint Laurents we corralled together), Beatle boots, and all things paint-splattered (her Céline shirtdress and Margiela sneakers).

Once Grendene was hair-and-makeup-and-jumpsuit ready to shoot, the other no-brainer of our shoot presented itself: girl is the kind of gorgeous that's almost physically painful to bear witness to. Blame it on whatever's in the water in her home country, Brazil (and send us some by the truckload when you find out what it is, please): Grendene is the type who, with nothing but a handful of highlights and an actual stitch of makeup, could easily hold her own with Gisele, Adriana, Alessandra and any other vowel-ending named babe from home. Actually, scratch that. If you do end up finding the proverbial something-in-the-water from just below the equator, we suggest you bottle and sell it, with the end goal of getting you closer to a wardrobe like Grendene's.