Baja East

Scott Studenberg & John Targon

Designers, Baja East. New York.

By: Noah Lehava
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

When we think of the most perfect scenario in which we would ever meet some of our most favorite people-cum-Coveteurs, we never truly expect such scenarios to work out quite so serendipitously IRL. Like this: during our usual bi-annual romp around Paris for fashion week, that the planets aligned at none other than Jen Atkin’s birthday party, where we met Scott Studenberg, one-half of the duo behind the insanely cool gender neutral beachwear-meets-streetwear label Baja East. Let’s just say we hit it off.

Fast forward a few email exchanges and some Instagram creeping later (the other half of Baja, John Targon, like his partner, does NOT disappoint. You can :eyes: why :point_left:) and we had booked a flight to New York to raid their Chelsea apartment.

Full disclosure, we're already fully obsessed with the cashmere crop tops and eye masks the guys brought into our lives, but the moment those two swung open their door, it was like we had fallen in love all over again. Because, not only are they drop dead fucking gorgeous (no really, we can’t stop staring), they are also some of the nicest humans we’ve ever Coveteur’d.

But let's get to the other reason we’ve brought you here: you know, besides the hoards of Baja East's insanely comfy cashmere, drop-crotch printed trousers and oversized ribbed knits that have made the likes of Miguel, Cindy Crawford, Kim K. and Jared Leto fans, we'd like to draw your attention to their personal wardrobes. We’re talking all the Céline shirts and Givenchy blazers, along with a cache of Lanvin sneakers that we pulled out of their closets, all the while talking Barbies, how Beyoncé got them upgraded at the airport (it’s not what you might think) and why touché éclat is practically a lifesaver. All the feels right here.