How To Make Your Own All-Natural Body Oil

Dry skin, meet your match

How To Make Your Own All-Natural Body Oil

Something we seriously admire: anyone who’s DIY ethos actually yields things that we want. You know, like the people who can shake up their own cocktails, or make their own jewelry, or tailor their own vintage finds. But, honestly, it’s a whole other level of respect that we have for people who can actually make their own functional (so key) beauty products. And we want in. So we called up The Naturalista’s Xochi Balfour, who has a whole host of recipes up her crocheted sleeve. And lucky for those of us less gifted in the art of doing it ourselves, they’re easy to make. Oh, and they’re actually effective. Check back every week for more recipes you’ll want to bookmark and whip up ASAP.


ICYMI: oils have made their way into our beauty routines in a big way. And while we're partial to rosehip for our face and OG Moroccan oil through our ends, we haven't found a tried-and-true in the body department. Until now. The best part of this one is that you can whip it together at home whenever your skin's looking a little, um, parched. (Is it just us or is that always?) Plus, we're never opposed to knowing how to pronounce all the components in a product (methylparaben, anyone?) and this DIY has just four so-natural-you-probably-have-them-in-a cupboard-somewhere ingredients. Slather it on post-shower, pat it over makeup as a pre-drink refresher or pour capfuls into the bath as you cue up Netflix for a long soak. The options are endless, really.


"I have always been a big advocate of body oils. Perhaps it stems from cold English winters, or perhaps I just can't get enough of the finer things in life. Whatever the reason, store-bought lotions just don't quite cut it for me and nothing gives me more pleasure than slathering on rich, nourishing concoctions after a long epsom bath. This latest blend is super easy to mix up and has become my daily go-to body moisture hero.

Avocado oil is an amazing ally in both the kitchen and the bathroom and has slowly been creeping into mainstream shops, popular for its high smoke point and cooking stability. But on the skin this baby really shines: it is packed full of nourishing omega-3 fatty acids and collagen-promoting sterolins and is easily absorbed by the skin—a stumbling block for most body oils when hopping into your pajamas immediately after slather. Thick enough to act as a barrier, it provides protection and deep-reaching nourishment while high vitamin E levels soften skin and reduce inflammation, complemented by coconut oil's soothing anti-inflammatory medium chain fatty acids. Jojoba oil mimics the skin's own sebum and rounds off the blend with a lighter texture. It is a great addition here but not essential so don't panic if you can't get hold of any, the avocado and coconut alone are a match made in heaven.

The magic of oils like these is that they really work in any amount if you keep the ratio vaguely the same. Here, it is equal parts of all three. As always, use cold-pressed organic oils that haven't been processed or messed with. I always like to personalize my blends with some therapeutic essential oils and you might want to play around with your own blend depending on how strong your base oils smell. This varies widely from brand to brand and some avocado oils are quite strong, in which case nature's blend is plenty uplifting.

Here energizing cardamom adds a spicy exotic note; sometimes I go for ylang ylang oil... Either way, it's like I am happily trotting the globe from the comfort of my underfloor-heated London bathroom."





cold-pressed AVOCADO OIL

cold-pressed JOJOBA OIL

cold-pressed COCONUT OIL

10-20 drops ESSENTIAL OIL


one >> Mix all three oils in equal ratios
two >> Add the essential oils and shake thoroughly. If you live in a cold country, you may need to warm your coconut oil a little before mixing.
three >> Store out of direct sunlight.


Get more all-natural goodies from The Naturalista and from Xochi's Instagram feed.

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