How to Make Your Own All-Natural Deodorant

How to Make Your Own All-Natural Deodorant

Added bonus: it actually works.

Something we seriously admire: anyone who’s DIY ethos actually yields things that we want. You know, like the people who can shake up their own cocktails, or make their own jewelry, or tailor their own vintage finds. But, honestly, it’s a whole other level of respect that we have for people who can actually make their own functional (so key) beauty products. And we want in. So we called up The Naturalista’s Xochi Balfour, who has a whole host of recipes up her crocheted sleeve. And lucky for those of us less gifted in the art of doing it ourselves, they’re easy to make. Oh, and they’re actually effective. Check back every week for more recipes you’ll want to bookmark and whip up ASAP.


Deodorant is one of those products that falls under the “necessary evil” category. Exposure to carcinogens versus smelling like your boyfriend’s gym bag after your 10 minute bike ride to work—we mean, we all know what we should choose, but that stick of antiperspirant is just so damn effective. Then again, if all it takes is mixing Shea butter, coconut oil, arrowroot and our favorite essential oils in our kitchen, we might just be down to forgo the stick (and the lurking paranoia that comes with it) for good. Also, the scent of lavender essentials oils is way better than that bathroom-y baby powder smell, no?


"This homemade natural deodorant recipe is moisturising, effective and simple. It won’t stop you from really sweating things out if you need to, but it will keep you fresh, clean and smelling of lavender fields. My man has tested it, too, and it gets a fragrant thumbs up."




15 drops ESSENTIAL OIL (I use tea tree and lavender)


one>> In a bowl, mix the Shea butter and coconut oil with a fork until they form a smooth and creamy consistency; make sure there are no lumps.

two>> Add in the arrowroot and baking soda and mix thoroughly until a thick but malleable paste forms. You may want to add more arrowroot for thickness, or coconut oil for creaminess.

three >> Finally, mix in the essential oils and store in a plastic-free container at room temperature.

"Any essential oils will work here for this recipe—it depends on your own preferences and what resonates with you. Woodier fragrances such as sandalwood with bergamot or orange flower can persuade even the manliest man, while fresher flavours like peppermint and tea tree (which is particularly great here as it is antibacterial) keep things light and airy."

Get more all-natural goodies from The Naturalista and from Xochi's Instagram feed.

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