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5 Spa Treatments That Will Save You

And how to DIY them at home.

5 Spa Treatments That Will Save You
Renée Rodenkirchen

Who doesn’t love a good spa day for absolutely no reason other than to treat. yo. self? That’s what we thought. Thing is, there’s a reason you feel so damn good post indulgence. Which is why, with all it’s health and wellness benefits, heading to the spa is probably your favorite thing to do when you need to fix. yo. self. (See what we did there? Tom would so appreciate.) And when we were in Miami for Swim Week (and all the, ahem, big nights out that such a situation would entail), that’s exactly what we did at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach. And then we had them coach us on exactly how we can replicate all those fixing treatments at home. Spa money doesn’t just grow on palm trees, you guys.



Cure a Hangover

The Banya Detox Ritual



Think of it this way… Soak in a blend of Siberian ginseng, birch, green tea and essential oils (eucalyptus, pine, mandarin, amyris) to get rid of the pounding headache. Get scrubbed (hard) with salt and sugar to exfoliate (purify). And wrap to drain yourself of toxins, followed by a massage. Peace out, hangover.

DIY: Ball out your typical morning-after cold shower with Russie Blanche Banya Detox Bath & Shower Oil. And then rub yourself down with their Salt Caviar Body Polish.



Recover from a 10 Mile Run

Achilles and Thai Massage



The Standard’s appropriately named Achilles treatment is the ultimate foot massage—trust. Just prepare to have your feet WORKED. And then feel a million times better after. And we’ll be honest, a 10 mile run pretty much kills us, so a Thai massage, which is somewhere between yoga and physiotherapy is pretty much the best post-run cool down ever.

DIY: We know it’s not quite the same, but massage your aching muscles with Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm, and then slather yourself with Davines Authentic Nourishing Oil. Feel good.



Prep for a Hot Date

The Standard Intervention



The face is the window to the soul (oh wait, that’s the eyes—oops). Okay, but your face is (hopefully) what your date will be starring at for the duration of drinks/dinner/all night long. This facial is the kind you get right before something major: it lifts, refreshes, brightens and does everything else good.

DIY: Stock up on Tata Harper’s natural beauty—it won’t irritate and it’ll leave you dewy and glowing for the big night. And when we mean stock up, we mean get it all: the Regenerating Cleanser, Hydrating Floral Essence, Reparative Moisturizer, Rejuvenating Serum and the Aromatic Stress Treatment.


Pre Sun Exposure

The Standard Scrub



When we’re in Miami during Swim Week, we’re in our bathing suits. And when everyone else is in the same thing (a.k.a. showing a lot of skin), well, there’s a little pressure to measure up. Which is where this scrub comes in (read: silky skin all over). Step 1: Steam. Step 2: Gingergass and bamboo exfoliation. Step 3: Blood orange head-to-toe cleanse. Hello, teeny-weeny bikini.


Post Sun Exposure

Double Dip Bath



Hydrate hardcore with what is pretty much a coconut milk bath mixed with nut oil; parched skin no more.

DIY: Lather yourself in Pure Fiji’s Hydrating Coconut Body Lotion after a lukewarm bath in their Coconut Milk Bath Soak and sooth any sunburns (no judgement!).


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