Ashley Graham

Model; Designer, Addition Elle; Public Speaker. New York

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Stephanie Mark
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

In life, one can only dream of having a single momentous, groundbreaking, career-changing trajectory moment like that of model Ashley Graham. We’re talking about the moment every single effing outlet went absolutely haywire (in the best way possible) when her Swimsuits For All advertisement rooted itself in the pages of Sports Illustrated—a glossy that was, until Graham, seemingly exclusive to the sample-sized.

The truth is, Graham is insanely relatable on so many levels. We mean, so much so that we pretty much established friends-for-life status the moment we stepped into her Brooklyn home. Let’s just say that before we could even put down our bags, she’d slipped into her new lacy Addition Elle lingerie from her soon-to-be released fall collection (sneak peek, ya’ll), shimmied through the window and climbed up the terrifying fire escape (okay, more like we were terrified. Girl ran up that so fast, we could hardly keep up) for our magic hour rooftop photo shoot—yeah, we got real close, real fast. And things only continued from there—as in, there may have been twerking while Snapchatting going on, and yes, there was a whole lot of Mary Katrantzou, Alexander McQueen and a serious collection of Nike Frees, you know, to satiate our sartorial cravings (because, duh).

Just as we were finishing up rummaging through her closet (you know, post-rooftop romp), Graham had us follow her as she snuck onto the neighbor’s stoop and hopped on a bike to wheel around the block for one last photo opp. And all this before we got to talking about designing lingerie for curvy women of all sizes, the moment she changed one person’s life, and looking up to models like Kathy Ireland and Heidi Klum. “Those girls, I mean I’ve watched their careers and they have just blossomed into extraordinary and amazing things. I can’t wait to be the curvier version of all of them.” Ashley, we'll totally put our money on it.