Miju Bijou

Blogger, BagGirlProblems.com. Los Angeles

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson

When you forgo the traditional food item and fashion item naming conventions and go straight for the bold (like Bag Girl Problems), it's assumed that you have the goods to back it up. And blogger Miju Bijou has precisely that: her namesake in spades. As in, when Miju first met us at her West Hollywood apartment, it was all but impossible to not notice her twin bookshelves overflowing with accoutrements accumulated over the years—if it bares the name YSL, Balenciaga, Hermès or CHANEL, chances are she has it in multiple shades, skins and finishes. We told you she wasn't messing around.

After helping ourselves to what was (literally) the sweetest welcome—Sunday morning mango juice mimosas and cupcakes—we dove right in. You can sum it up with the fact that when Miju likes something, she really likes it (hence the dozen or so bottles of Armand de Brignac she had on display and at the ready for any occasion), along with having a keen eye for investment pieces. As she told us herself, “One thing that I absolutely believe in is to invest. I believe in investing in a good bag. I believe in investing in a good pair of shoes. I believe in investing in a nice jacket." You don't say! And invest she has: we still can't get the gorgeous Elizabeth & James blazer with layers upon layers of feathers peeking out at the hem we stumbled across out of our heads.

And yet despite her blog's name, it's not just about the bags—as Miju herself mentioned, she's into shoes and jackets, too (duh), like the matching navy and black classic Balenciaga leather biker jackets. Oh, and jewelry. Lots of jewelry. But it turns out that for the her, it all comes down to that irreverent mix. “I really just wear whatever I want. Some days I would wear a fancy couture dress, and the next I’d be wearing a three dollar choker with some vintage cutout t-shirt." Bag Girl Problems goes to the dollar store? We'd read it.